Saturday, March 27, 2010

They Were For It Before They Were Against It

Mitt Romney defends health insurance mandates in a 2008 Republican presidential debate:

Now Romney that mandates are fine if a state adopts them, but not the federal government. This might even pass the laugh test if he hadn't made the case for mandates while running for a federal office. But, Der Mittster isn't the first politician to say something slippery. This, however, is another matter:

My gosh. That he can say all of this with gravitas and blithely expect to be believed... The contempt this man has for his constituents must know no bounds.

There was a time when I put Orrin Hatch in the same category as Bob Dole: I disagreed with him, but I respected him. How could I have been so wrong.  Not that you care, Orrin, but now I hold you in the same contempt that you hold for me.

Now watch Chuckles Grassley dance around the question of mandates like he's barefoot on hot coals:

But, Chuckles, as recently last year you thought mandates were such a jim dandy idea that they might be the ticket to a bipartisan agreement:

This was even on Fox News, so you know it must be fair and balanced...

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to put into effect a lesson I learned a few years back when I lost a pair of concert tickets. I called the ticket service to see if I add any recourse:

Helpful Phone Person: Did you lose them or did they never arrive in the mail?

Me: I lost them.

HPP: Because if you lost them, I can't help you. If they never arrived, I can reissue the tickets. Now, did you lose them or did they never arrive in the mail?

Me: I'm certain that I lost them.

(Lengthy pause)

HPP: Sir, did you lose them or did they never arrive in the mail?

Me: I told you, I...oh... Yes, that's right: I never did get them.

HPP: Fine. Now, if you'll give me your name and credit card number...


Roy said...

Have you noticed that these guys are all starting to sound like Sarah Palin? They wander on and on and go everywhere except to the point. Must be the new Republican style.

It took you long enough to catch up with that helpful phone person, didn't it?

K. said...

Yes, but there are good people everywhere!

When the R's start droppin' their 'n's,' we'll know for sure that you're onto somethin'.You betcha.

tnlib said...

All of these gentlemen used to be quite respectable but somewhere along the way to the pot o' gold they lost their integrity - but not their tickets.

K. said...

They have sold out principle for power. And there's not a one of them that deep down relishes the idea of calling an African-American "Mr President."

TaraDharma said...

I love it when people connect the dots as you have done here. Seems like the only other places I see it/read it are MSNBC and some progressive blogs. Ezra Klein is fantastic (WA Post).

So, nice to meet you, husband of T.! I'll put your blog on my blog roll.

Your convo with the ticket person cracked me up!! You were given quite the helping hand, there.

Foxessa said...

Would that our computer help line people were that helpful! :)

The Obama plan is essentially the same as the republican one back in the day. Yet now it's communism.

Love, C.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Oh, K,
I was all ready to come on here and pull your ear about Tainting the Skin of this Fine Blog with the Craven Images of They Who Shall Remain Nameless, Those Fuckless Republicants! Yaaaaaaa whew!

But then you had done that thing with the Allman Bros in the post below, yesterday, which I had to Steal in tribute to your K'ness of course, but again then you had done the one before on Ignorance is Strungth... soooo what is a Poor Editillero to do? Hmmmmm?
I mean, these post are all in the past, yet I follow them in sequence down the page. It's like...going through a scanner darkly backwards sorta.

So! Let's just see if we can avoid Replaying here, On The K, such Media Saddle for the Pestulant Wild Swine of the Coming Palinate Handmaiden's Tail, eh?
You are better than that, take your take on Rachael Maddow for example.
I'd take her in a splitbang ninja nanosecond. But, we also like her right where she is now. More of That, Media Stallion without a Saddle.

Thanks youz

Oh Snap! Your Word Thingy Fornicator (WTFr) for this comment??? Ha!
Yep, Repan... see what'im tollin'ya?

K. said...

What can I say? I can't resist taking the offensive, especially when it gives me the chance to expose hypocrisy. Of course, with this bunch, that's shooting fish in a barrel.