Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Faces Of Hope

In the videos below (each less than three minutes), three generations of African-Americans discuss the meaning of the Obama candidacy. But before viewing, consider the weight on that man's shoulders. He's not simply running for president in the most important election since 1968 or even 1932: Barack Obama walks the same path as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King. Like them, he is under the kind of scrutiny that does not permit a single misstep. Like them, he asks all Americans to go beyond their prejudices and look to their best selves: He asks us to trust ourselves as much as him. And he's doing it with a grace and poise not seen in American politics since the days of John Kennedy. It's been an absolutely bravura performance by a truly impressive human being.

African-American students from a South Bronx high school:

A single mother in Nashville:

A Seattle University law professor:

The good professor would no doubt find himself nonplussed by Sarah Palin's interpretation of the First Amendment. At first listen, she seems to think that its purpose is to protect politicians from the media. The second time through, though, I wondered whether something more sinister was in play -- that possibly she is making an implicit threat to tough questioners like Katie Couric. Judge for yourself:

The future? Let's hope so. Here's how the mock election played out at one Seattle high school...

This can't be what Coach Holmgren had in mind when he decided to come back for one last season...

Well, at least his wife is a staunch Democrat! As are most of the Seahawks...

For a glossary of Palinese, take a class at Woo University...

Convicted felon Ted Stevens soldiers on. And get this:
Best to wait on those political obituaries, say his supporters, and some opponents, too. In a state that can stir up plenty of bitterness toward the federal government and has long revered Mr. Stevens for extracting billions of dollars from it on behalf of Alaska, maybe, just maybe, they say, the votes will still be there for him, polls and conventional wisdom aside.
In other words, "give us as much taxpayer money as we want and then piss off so that we can live our lives of independence and rugged individualism." What's more, they see no hypocrisy in this attitude. That there wouldn't be an Alaska or an American West were it not for the federal government is a reality they'll deny until hell freezes over or the Cubs win the World Series, whichever comes last. (My bet is in on the snow pack in Hades)...

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Foxessa said...

I am thinking of taking several sleeping pills and not waking up until two days post the election.

Except, then, I wouldn't be able to vote. That won't work.

I'm so anxious. With the lead narrowing almost by the hour, it will be so easy for Them to steal it again.

Love, C.