Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Funnies

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A sticker I like:

Great button:

The Bumper Sticker I Thought Of Only After The Election:

Another Elitist for Obama

Finally, the actual paranoid deranged ramblings of a Palin lover and reluctant McCain voter:
In so many post-election analyses, opportunistic polticians and I-told-you-so pundits have been more than willing and able to freely offer up their 'solutions' to what ails the GOP while affixing internecine blame to certain segments of the Republican tent. Yet at the same time they appear reluctant,unwilling or too politically correct in not attributing the election of Obama to the values of the electorate and to that part of the electorate who strongly agree with the views that Obama espoused. With that in mind I am here not to provide the GOP with answers but to ask the 10 questions that few Republicans have wanted to venture for public digestion.
  1. If the 22nd Amendment (limiting the Presidency to 2 terms) were not in force would the followers of Obama give the thumbs up for Obama to become President or Emperor for life? 
  2. Does the majority of the youth (under 30)of America believe in 'spreading the wealth' or redistributing income and Ayre's view of radical education that favors Maoist re-education and the implementation of Marxist brainwashing? 
  3. Is part of the electorate so morally bankrupt that they would favor voter fraud as long as it benefits Obama and the Democrats? 
  4. Is 'white guilt' among privileged whites and 'white hatred' among 'deprived minorities' so prevalent that no WASP will ever be elected President again, given that Obama is going to legalize all the illegals? 
  5. Do Obamacons favor the total destruction of the GOP and its evangelical base? And as a follow-up would they favor the imprisonment of all evangelical leaders in concentration camps or public hangings with gays as the executioners? If given unlimited access would these folks favor publicly stoning or crucifying Sarah Palin and her family? 
  6. Would these folks favor the arrest of George Bush and Dick Cheney and their wives and Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and people of the right-wing talk radio ilk and have them publicly ridiculed at a show trial at The Hague for war crimes and then summarily executed? 
  7. Would these folks favor a permanent suspension of the Constitution, including the 1st and 2nd Amendment in the name of imposing an Utopian socialist world order? 
  8. Do these folks favor abortion, killing disabled children after birth (infanticide) and euthanasia on demand? 
  9. How content would these folks be if there were a permanent one-party system in America led by Obama or by one of his supporters? 
  10. As a party is the GOP willing to get down, dirty and diabolical as the Democrats are and will stay or should it remain true to its noble ideals and principles and stay naive and virtuous and keep on losing election after election for eternity and die a death by a thousand cuts to those who will never show you any mercy and whose goal is to exterminate you from the face of the earth?
Now you know why they call them wingnuts. I have been monitoring the blog from whence this emitted for a while, and I promise you that this is absolutely serious.


Sylvia K said...

Great post! and I do love the button! I keep wondering what it is about reality that the Republicans seem to have trouble understanding?????

K. said...

When you believe in Creationism, you've got a tenuous connection to reality in the first place...

mouse (aka kimy) said...

it is amazing what people believe and advance. I don't know how you can monitor that site - it would raise my blood pressure and make me completely crazy!

hey what's this new gizmo funny interesting cool!! how about all of the above?

K. said...

You can click as many of them as you want! The newest Blogger Buzz had a writeup. It allows people to give feedback without leaving a comment. I thought I'd give it a try.

K. said...

This particular guy writes 2-3 of these 10-pt screeds every day, and yet calls Obama a narcissist!

Ima Pissdov said...

I call them nutwings........aaaaaaaaargh!#*#*!! AAAAARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!