Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Choice

Citizen K. has felt better in his life. He fears that he has reached that age where jalapeno intake must be restricted and monitored. A sleepless night accompanied only by severe acid reflux that brought on fits of coughing has reduced him to a vegetative status. He's in nearly the same condition as The New Orleans Levee ("We don't hold anything back") which made the mistake of putting all of its yuks in one basket, never dreaming in a zillion billion trillion years that voters would actually throw the rascal out...

Like millions of other Americans, I skipped the president's farewell address last night, on the assumption that seven years, eleven months, and fifteen days of indigestible babble and psychotic delusion were quite enough, thank you. Much of it seems to have come back up anyway...

Bush vows retaliation against Canadian geese: "If you think this former fighter pilot won't take flight in my last days in office ... go ahead, make my day..."

Friday's Choice: The Village People say "Keep that New Year's resolution and get your butt up to the gym! Be a 'Macho Man]" (and dig the Indian on the treadmill):

When you're through working out, there's a place you can go even if you're short on your dough. You know where it is: It's fun to stay at the YMCA.


Scrumpy's Baker said...

Yuck! I'm sorry you're sick. Still, best you no longer live in Texas if you're going to be brought down by a jalapeno.

BTW, I plan on picking up the Devil tomorrow.

Sylvia K said...

No, fun being sick! Imagine how much worse it could have been though if you had watched Bush! One of those times I was glad we don't have TV!!

rgg said...

San Francisco, Key West, and Fire Island = songs by The Village People.
Are they trying to tell us something?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

sending bushels (sorry, I mean huge waves) of healing vibes your way.

no way jalepenos can be a culprit!!

hey, happy to see the link to parker's piece!!

can you send some warm weather over to the east coast???

hey loved the word verification post!

K. said...

If I learned anything today, it's that you don't mix codeine and Xanax.

Scump, you'll love Devil. I hope you found Friday's Choice inspiring!

Molly The Dog said...

Looks like the Village People have everyone represented: the straight (I think) cowboy, the gay cowboy, the Indian, and the workman with his hardhat. Oh wait, maybe they are missing a few.

Foxessa said...

I'm sorry you're not well, K. It seems to be the default condition for so many of us this winter, for whatever reason.

As for that meretricious "farewell address," -- don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. O, since you haven't managed to get this message yet -- Nearly everybody hates you for what you've done to the country and the world. Yes, we do. It is true and no matter how many books your loyal helpmeet writes to say otherwise, that will never change the fact that you are the worst POTUS ever.

Love, C.