Friday, September 25, 2009

My Foolish Heart

NOLA Happenings: Drive down the road to New Iberia and the fais do do at the 68th Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival. For the math challenged, that means it's been happening since at least 1941...Or celebrate Oktoberfest at Deutsche Haus on South Galvez Street.

Don't like the Seahawks' chances at home against the Bears this weekend...

Friday's Choice:
Bill Evans plays "My Foolish Heart." A pianist friend writes:

The epitome of simple elegance!---and I don't at all mean simple to play, but it's pared-down, uncluttered, and absolutely exquisite. The chord voicings are so subtle, but effective, ending is wonderful, I like how this shows that you don't have to be scrambling madly all over the keyboard, being showy and bombastic---The emotion is powerful, but tastefully contained. It's like a perfect short story where not one word is wasted. Beautiful song, too, isn't it?


John Hayes said...

Love Bill Evans' music & have long thought his renditions of "My Foolish Heart" are among the very best piano jazz ballads. Love what your friend had to say. Loved listening to this again.

Roy said...

Ah, I love Bill Evans! I think the only version of this song I like as much (or maybe even a little better) was the one I heard Gary Burton do live with his trio on Eric in the Evening, Eric Jackson's jazz show on WGBH FM out of Boston. That was another case of beautiful understatement and lush chord voicings. Both are absolutely gorgeous renditions of a great song.