Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekly Address: Taking the Insurance Companies on Down the Stretch

President Obama tells the truth about the "smoke and mirrors" resorted to by insurance companies to stop health care reform:
...there are still those who would try to kill reform at any cost. The history is clear: for decades rising health care costs have unleashed havoc on families, businesses, and the economy. And for decades, whenever we have tried to reform the system, the insurance companies have done everything in their considerable power to stop us...

If you missed Keith Olbermann's brilliant commentary on health care reform last night, it's here. Especially gripping is the part where he contrasts his own good fortune at being able to access the best of the health care system for his father with with the travails of a boyhood friend faced with selling the family farm to pay for care for daughter with Lyme disease. Olbermann asks a fundamental question: If the government has no role in helping keep its citizens healthy, what is it for?...

President Obama commits to building a VA hospital in downtown NOLA. The people at Save Charity Hospital are glad to hear of it, although they point out that the definition of "downtown" requires some refining...

I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes Dept: Stop the Morans!...

Rain in Seattle on October 15 is as certain as taxes as April 15. We awoke this morning to an absolute monsoon (don't miss Premium T.'s footage here), and naturally I've been humming The Beatles' "Rain" to myself all morning. Back in 1970, the Beatles released an album called Hey Jude. Available only in the States, it collected singles (including "Rain") that had never made it to an album, B-sides, and a couple of previously unreleased tracks into a 30-minute whole. Of course, I didn't know any of this when I bought it or when I listened to it endlessly back in my South Texas bedroom. To me, it was a collection of unbelievably great songs, of which "Rain" was only one.

Hey Jude has never been released on CD, but all of the songs can be found on A Hard Day's Night and The Beatles Past Masters Vol. 2. I spent part of this morning cobbling together the tracks in their original order:

Can't Buy Me Love
I Should Have Known Better
Paperback Writer
Lady Madonna
Hey Jude
Old Brown Shoe
Don't Let Me Down
The Ballad of John and Yoko

So, despite the rain, I've spent a good part of the morning back in South Texas, nearly forty years ago...


Anonymous said...

We're having our first taste of wet snow here in Billsville. Makes me think of the Polar Express soundtrack. The right has everyone screaming it's such a help to drown out reasonable discourse..

Roy said...

Keith Olbermann is my hero! That was great commentary. The spirit of Edward R. Murrow has not died.

We've been getting cold rain here, too. We got a break today, but we have more rain and wind and temps in the 40s coming back overnight. Oh well... At least the Beatles cheered me up!