Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chest Pains My Ass

No doubt there are any number of wingnut blogs excoriating liberals for being "happy" about Rush Limbaugh's recent hospitalization for chest pains. Well, I for one won't be a hypocrite: Why should I regret it if the devil gets what is coming to him? I can't think of a single reason. Limbaugh is rotten excuse for a human being, a Philistine boor, a charlatan and huckster who pollutes the waters of discourse with verbal toxic refuse and exploits the fears and resentments of his audience for personal gain.

Did anyone else notice the exquisite irony of Limbaugh's chest pains occurring at a resort in Hawaii? The right implied that Barack Obama's Hawaiian boyhood was evidence of Obama's foreignness. Cokie Roberts even took Obama to task here ("I know Hawaii is a state") giving the idiotic advice that he should vacation in Myrtle Beach instead of visiting his family. El Rushbo himself has in the past found the Aloha State to be a rather sinister place (see 1:38 in here), the epicenter of the massive conspiracy to cover up the truth about Obama's birth in some other country. No wonder the place gave him a heart attack!

Citizen K. has been to Hawaii and plans to go again this winter. It's beautiful, filled with unimaginable scenic wonders and delightful people. If that makes it foreign and exotic (in Roberts' unforgettably breathless phrase), then export whatever it is to the mainland...


Roy said...

I love the Olbermann video! At least we know that Rushbo's chest pains aren't a heart attack; he doesn't have one.

Have a happy New Year!

Foxessa said...

Astute observation, Mr. Roy!

Love, C.

Annette said...

I just have to wonder why Rushbo had to go to Hawaii in the first place.. is he trying to find the birth certificate or just stir up trouble for Pres. Obama.. did he think going there would raise the ire of people and he would be able to turn people's opinion of the President or what.. He is such an idiot and has such a high opinion of himself that is probably what it is.. he thought he could get the attention away from the Obama family and onto himself by being there.. Guess he found out different.. if it hadn't been for this fake heart scare.. no one would have even known he was in

mommapolitico said...

This is why i love your blog, K. - I saw the headline and knew I had to read it! I hear ya. Rachel Maddow took the high road and wished him well in a tweet, but she's a better person than I. I think he's starting to have panic attacks as he realizes what a Fringy McFringe corner he's painted himself into, and that the public's tolerance for that kind of crap is wearing thin. After all, if you are Limpballs, what else could he possibly do if this line of work dries up? Speaking with some GOP friends (yes, I actually do have a few I respect!), they've hit a sort of saturation point with him. I think he knows he's on borrowed time and that he's pushed it too far. And with no pain meds to cushion the blow, what's a washed-up wingnut to do??? Great post, my friend. Always love your slant on things!

K. said...

Thanks, all!

I've been having some good, clean fun getting the pot to call the kettle black over on the wingnut site I linked to. Some of the better responses:

"Wishing someone dead is just wrong! You Libs should be ashamed of yourselves!
I don’t believe you should be able to wish someone dead, especially a fellow american, you libs are just sick!!!!!!!"

"You do not get it! You can wish for death for Rush but there is One who cannot be killed and one day he will rule this earth in righteousness and holiness and that won’t be anything any can do to stop him!!! His truth is marching on!!!"

"Wishing someone dead—disgusting.
I pray for his sppedy recovery—-as I would pray for someone the likes of Keith Olberan had the tables been reversed.
I assume that is the difference between you liberal moonbats and the rest of civilized society!"

"Why are you guys so hatefull, we are all humans, just because majority of the American people love this country and how are founders set up this country. Why don’t you move to Europe if you like their system so much."

"CK, Sado-masochism is not good for the soul. You should turn to Air America and have Rachel or Montel stroke your twisted fantasy. They will tell you what you want to hear.
'for ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' John 8:32"

"This is the party of tolerance? Oh your hatred def. becomes you…it looks like you have a new person to hate…now that G.W. is gone you are hoping for another person to scare your people into showing up to the polls. Or is this just desperation?"

"Evil banter is second nature from people who have no quaims about killing innocent babies in the womb as a form of birth control. God help you when YOU die !"

Ima Wizer said...

I'm just speechless (that rarely happens) over the Rethuglican remarks....