Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Happens When You Let Blue Dogs Into Your House

Politico reports that Alabama Democrat Parker Griffith has switched parties and will run for reelection to the House as a Republican. For the most part -- actually, for all of the part -- this is good riddance to bad rubbish: Griffith opposed every major Democratic party initiative and planned to oppose Nancy Pelosi's reelection as Speaker of the House. What's irritating about this is that the first-term Congressman accepted $1.2 million from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2008. It was o.k. for him to take the party's money and organizational skills, then bolt the first chance he got. Once again, we see why it's pointless to recruit conservative "Democrats" to run for office. They're useless when it comes to voting for anything important, boast about their independence from the party, and preen about their so-called principles.

Griffith believes that Pelosi is "divisive." In point of fact, she's not. The right wing has been after her since her elevation to Speaker, making all sorts of nonsensical ravings from the get-go (there's even a children's book). Pelosi is simply doing her job; that's what angers the right and drives them to divisiveness...

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Foxessa said...

Liberal > Progressive: we need a party that embodies those objectives.

The Dems are 'centerist' which these days is conservative -- which means keeping things exactly the same and hanging on to the power they've got. Obama is their perfect leader.

Love, C.