Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Dat!?

(Michael DeMocker/The Times-Picayune)

The great thing about professional sports is that it can galvanize a community across class, color, economic, and political lines. In this polarized age, sports are about the only thing left that can lay claim to that. I'm not going to write much about the New Orleans Saints -- make that the National Football Conference Champion New Orleans Saints -- great overtime victory against Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings yesterday. I didn't grow up rooting for them throughout 42 years of frustration, and there are other writers can express the unique satisfaction of accomplishment better than I can. Not only that, their steadfast loyalty has earned them the right to do this without out static from someone like me. So don't miss Cliff's Crib:
This morning I got on the elevator with her and she looked like she had never been to sleep. As she was yawning and trying to get herself together I couldn't help but making a comment..."You haven't been to sleep either have you?" Turns out she was down in the French Quarters last night and had to get up this morning for work. I started with this story to prove that New Orleans is home to the people who can party real hard and grind out 8 -12 hour work days afterward with no problem. That's how we roll. I have never seen people look so tired and be so happy at the same time.
And while you're at, don't miss this at They've compiled the over fifty songs that New Orleans musicians have written and recorded about the Saints. The Sonics had one when they went to the NBA Finals back in '95 and I'm pretty sure that even the Red Sox had only one in history-making run to the 2004 World Series. adds to the playlist as new music becomes available and has streamed it, so you can listen continuously. Music can bring a city together, too.

So, even if you're not a Saints fan or a sports fan, be happy for the people of a city who had this coming to them


sussah said...

Dear K., "Who Dat" is more of a statement than a question!! Between the bliss, the screaming, and the fireworks, I don't think there was too much sleep in the city last night. And this is way up in Gentilly! I hear that the sun coming up didn't even stop the celebrating down in the quarter. Thought you might like today’s post and funny photo on our special collections library blog. thanks, sp, n.o.

K. said...

Hah! What a great picture! has a great poll: How did you get out of work today?

Roy said...

Being a die-hard NE Patriots fan, you would think this one is of no interest to me. But I grew up in Baltimore, MD, and growing up I was in awe of the mighty Baltimore Colts with Johnny Unitas at the helm. Unfortunately, many years later when Johnny U and his teammates had retired and the Colts were no longer the power in football that they had been, they up and snuck out of Baltimore and showed up, with no warning at all, in Indianapolis. Like most Baltimoreans, even though I wasn't there any more when the dastardly deed occurred, I now spit at the name of "Colts". So - GO SAINTS!

K. said...

Roy: I lived in Towson for a couple of years in the mid-Sixties. You've seen Diner, I take it.

Renegade Eye said...

Minnesota is sad, but still the Vikings were impressive.

I added this blog to my feed.

K. said...

Thanks, Ren!

I hear that Favre has been getting dogged today. I don't know why: As a Seahawks fan, I'd be pretty happy with a season that ended in an OT road loss in the conference finals. Good luck getting that far with Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenthels at QB.

Renegade Eye said...

OT: I went to a screening of Crazy Heart, with the director-writer-producer there.

1) The Weary Kind was written by the guy who led the pickup band in the bowling alley.

2) The concert footage was a real concert, not movie extras. Robert Duvall arranged the crew to piggyback a Toby McGuire concert.

3) I know of 2 Lebowski references in that movie.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

K, can you please go Kick this Dog and mak'em like it????
Editilla just doesn't have the Chops for Football like you.
We have had enough to say today about Paul "Don't Call Me" Shirley and his viscous Letter To Haiti --which was obviously the template for this spew upon our Glorious City and Beloved Team.

Who'dats are getting it from all sides!

And here's yer'treat in case I've missed that you may have already seen this:

Ok so there. You got the Bat Signal now go deal with these evil doers!

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

OK. Kevin Allman the Editor of Gambit has informed me that this suspect piece is satire funny haha. I missed it because I'm slow, I'm pissed off at the NFL for hassling whodats over the WHO'DAT and frankly getting a little tense on our boyz' March to Glory. Forgive me for hitting the Bat Signal.
Since I really don't know much sports outside of the Saints, I don't know subtle player references much less the blingle-berry horse shit of the likes of "Don't Call Me" Shirley.
I don't really do humor on the back of New Orleans' crucifixion 8/29/05. I just don't see it and mostly don't appreciate it for whateva reason.
Fuck'em --we earned this Super Bowl goddamn it.
We have Earned the Respect of the Nation.
We are New Orleans Sinn Féin.