Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Carolina Senator Supports Slavery, Opposes Women's Suffrage, and Wants to Make You Quarter Troops in Your Home

At Thursday's CPAC gathering of wingnuts, South Carolina Republican senator Jim Demented allowed that the income tax should be done away with on the legally innovative grounds that the "...Constitution, when it was signed, it did not even allow a federal income tax.”

Assuming that what is good for one amendment is good for the rest, DeMint must also favor throwing out the entire Bill of Rights, since it was not ratified until four years after the signing of the Constitution. Which means that he also opposed even the right wing's cramped definition of the right to bear arms, as that is the subject of the Second Amendment.

Similarly, he would bid a fond farewell to the protections of the First Amendment (freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition); the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery; and the Nineteenth Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. And how will DeMint explain to fellow reactionaries his apparent opposition to the Tenth Amendment, which states-righters would have us believe is the cornerstone of the American legal system. However, this strict, strict, strict, strict constructionist undoubtedly believes that the Three-Fifths Compromise, counted each slave as three-fifths of a person, was and is a peachy keen idea.

OK, maybe the guy got caught up in the excitement of the moment and spoke off the cuff without thinking through the implications of his remark (what a surprise that would be). Or maybe it's the media's fault -- with Republicans, it usually is. On the other hand, Jim Demint is the author of the following jewels:
A free and stable Iraq will be a shining light against the shadow of Islamic extremism.

If a person wants to be publicly gay, they should not be teaching in the public schools. [I wonder which article of the sacred pre-amended Constitution deals with gay school teachers?]

Motorists who want to save money on gas will demand and buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. We should not limit their freedom with more government regulations.

Since the dawn of time, traditional marriage - the union between one man and one woman - has been the building block of civilization, and at no point in our nation's history has that foundation been under more severe attack than now.

President Bush has demonstrated tremendous courage and resolve in the past year. He has been the decisive leader these times have required.

Here, the senator from the state that lynched 156 black Americans from 1882-1968 rails against hate crime legislation as "patently offensive." In an incoherent leap of logic, DeMint connects hate crimes to "thought crimes" and warns against the imposition of an Orwellian Canadian "regime" on the United States. Really, he does.

So, were his remarks about the Constitution overheated, or was he just being Jim DeMint? You decide...

DeMint, so concerned about thought crimes, has created a committee to finance purges of politically incorrect Republicans so that voters may "have a choice of a new Republican — a real Republican" to lead them in a spirit of bold curiousity for the great adventure ahead (more, gloriously, here)...

Hawaii has employer-mandated health insurance, and guess what? It also has the lowest Medicare costs per beneficiary in the country, the second lowest premiums, the longest life expectancy, uncrowded ERs, and a much lower than average hospital admission rate. Of course, Hawaiians pay a terrible cost: Living longer and in greater security has after all cost them their freedom...


Ima Wizer said...

Whew......another classic example of a nutcase....I especially love the comment about Bush, his hero. Who would EVER admit that? Only the Wrong, er , um, Right. word verification is "deadlen", how appropriate!!!

Roy said...

Yeah, Senator Demented was in rare form at CPAC!

This one always cracks me up:
Since the dawn of time, traditional marriage - the union between one man and one woman - has been the building block of civilization...

These guys really need to study history, and especially Biblical history, a little more closely. Monogamy is a relatively modern innovation; polygamy has been the rule in history, and even in the "Christian" West it was the rule until about the 5th century or so. In the early church a man with 2 or more wives was considered to be a better prospect for election as a bishop because he was seen to be that much more of a responsible citizen.

Re: Hawaii... See, the Birthers are right! No way is a place with that excellent of a public health record a part of the US. It's obviously a foreign country and anybody born there is ineligible to be President of the US. Case closed!

John Hayes said...

Great point about Hawaii! The other--good grief, where do these folks come from?

Sylvia K said...

"Demented"! indeed he is! Where do these jerks come from and how do they get as far up the political ladder as they do??? Well, particularly in the South. He was really on a roll this time wasn't he?


K. said...

I wonder if he has this vision of a congregation of early men and women gathering in a cave waiting for the groom to drag his wife down the aisle by her hair.

Foxessa said...

Additionally in cultures that practice polygamy, only married men have rank, status, standing, wealth (they have all those women and children working FOR them, as well as their slaves and their unmarried kin), agency and power. Most men are unwived, for they cannot afford to be married.

This is the primary cause of wide-spread poverty in polygamous cultures, and that enormous divide between the relatively small prosperous top and the very large, poor rest of the community.

There are very interesting changes being rung on this now in some Islamic African cultures, in which a man really cannot afford wives, but keeps taking them anyway, in different places in the country or even outside of it -- keeping his family poor. Sometimes he makes a huge error and insists all these wives live together, and they get together and throw the lazy bastard out and keep their earnings for themselves and their children.

Love, C.