Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Hypocritical Apoplectic Hell No Blues

I was taught to respect my elders, and I usually do (especially now that I'm fast approaching elderhood myself). But what can one say about the two women here who oppose universal health care even though their age group receives it?

Fair and balanced:

A drop in the bucket of the swath???

"The Catholic Church has a buncha leftists in it."

Would that it were true: I might still go to church.

Bob Forrest is going Republican:


Roy said...

Isn't there a law against inciting a mob to violence? If so, why isn't Michele Bachmann in jail? Or Rushbo? Or Sarah Palin? Or the rest of the peanut gallery?

Mob hysteria; gotta love it!

Steven said...

I'm not sure of the number of Leftists in the Catholic Church...but I do know that those are the ones that care for the rest of humanity. Those on the Right? They simply fill the pews. It's the same in all denominations...

And Michelle Bachman...I made the mistake of visiting her Facebook page yesterday. Scary!

K. said...

I guess we just have to say that this is free speech at work and bear it. Although the reports of violence yesterday at legislators' office have nothing to do with free speech.

Roy said...

Actually, these guys may be pretty tame in comparison to some others. Check out Wiley Drake!

K. said...

Wow...why doesn't he just go ahead and declare fatwa?

Q: What do Wiley Drake and the Ayatollah Khomeini have in common?

A: Everything.

Sylvia K said...

This whole tea party crap makes me sick at my stomach! And they are scary, really scary! I don't say a lot about politics on my blog or anywhere because my language wouldn't be acceptable and I don't need another ulcer!! But had to stop by for a minute to say something -- which I just did and now I'll go back to deaf, dumb and blind mode for the remainder of the day. You have a good one, K!


Ima Wizer said...

Terrific post, thank you!!!

Geosomin said...

Um...I just do not get it. Why is universal health care bad?
As a canadian I have it...it's not perfect, but when I'm sick I get better.
I just don't get what is the big deal...I've never seen so many people angry over something...even the wars in the past few years haven't resulted in this kind of open racism and hatred...it kinda scares me...

K. said...

Geo, thanks for stopping by and for the voice of reason.

It's a complicated dynamic, but here's what I see:

Republican Party: They want to return to power and they have concluded that the best way to do is to be as obstructionist as possible. Some of their rhetoric -- and some Democratic party dithering -- set something off.

FOX News and conservative talk radio: They've been throwing red meat for year and are interested in ratings.

Teabaggers: They'll never admit it publicly, but there's a theorem at work:

1. Only poor people don't have health insurance.

2. All poor people are black and brown.

3. Therefore, black and brown people are taking white people's money to get health insurance. You want further proof? Look at the color of the president

None of this is true, of course.

They this hide behind the deficit (which they didn't care about when Bush was president, the Constitution (ditto), and the Fascist-Nazi-Socialist-Communist smears, but that's what it's all about.