Saturday, February 2, 2008


OK, all you fans of the Texas A&I Fighting Javelinas (it will never be TAMU-Kingsville to me), admit it: you thought you'd never hear this! It does make for one hell of a fight song... The R. Crumb exhibit at the Frye Museum is terrific... Big surprise: It's cold and wet out... Today, we take Flat Stanley on a tour of Seattle to help my Ft. Worth nephew with a school project. Bill did Flat Stanley years ago. Uncle Joe and Aunt Anne took Stan to the Clinton inauguration... Did I mention that it's cold and wet?... Great to see that Ted is a rock star again. After all, Tony Bennett was on MTV... There's snow on Croagh Patrick. It looks sorta like this and this...Chaos ruled the cold and wet Seattle roads yesterday. Unbelievable... Speaking of which, I've heard of manna from heaven and pennies from heaven. I've even heard rumors of pigs flying. But I've never turned around and found a cow in the back seat of my car...

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