Friday, February 1, 2008

Killian Heard

Bridge of Sighs, Robin Trower (EMI-Capitol 50999 5 01845 2 1). Like thousands (millions?) of us, Jimi Hendrix changed the way Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower heard music. Unlike the rest of us, Trower has the hands to go with his ears, and in 1974 he came up with Bridge of Sighs, a post-Hendrix classic that goes heavy on the blues and easy on the psychedelia. Now, EMI has released a remastered version of Bridge, and it's a dandy. Besides cleaning up the sound, they've added eight live tracks from two BBC sessions. Trower wears the Hendrix influence on his sleeve, but what an influence! And in any case, he has the chops to pull it off. 

Primavera En Nueva York, Martirio (Norte 8869 705293 2). Spanish singer Martirio performs a gorgeous set of mostly Cuban boleros in a jazz setting. A terrific band (including Kenny Drew, Jr., George Mraz, and Paquito D'Rivera) provides perfect accompaniment to Martirio's husky, sexy vocals. Romantic and pleasurable from beginning to end.

Just A Little Lovin', Shelby Lynne (Lost Highway B0009789-2). It takes a lot of balls -- and I mean big brass ones that clank when she walks -- for a woman to record a CD of Dusty Springfield covers. (Watch this to get a load of what Shelby was up against.) Lynne resists what must have the awful temptation to sing straight, heavily orchestrated covers and instead explores the country, blues, and folk roots of the material. In the end, she finds all of Dusty's pain and uncertainty; she just gets there by a different road.

Well, Coach Gibbons really had it in for me today:

1000 meter row
15 dead lifts at 88 pounds
50 jump ropes
10 push-ups
(repeat two times for a total of three sets each
500 meter row

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