Friday, March 7, 2008

Spice Girls Friday

The must-read story of the week comes from the Boston Globe, here. It exposes the venality of Halliburton/Kellogg Brown and Root but detailing the lengths to which they've gone to avoid paying taxes on their Iraq war profiteering. Senators Carl Levin (D-Michigan), Barack Obama, an Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota) have introduced the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act to curb what is at the very least a moral disgrace. As Michael Kinsley is fond of writing, the scandal is what's legal. Long, but well-worth reading.

A Texas friend writes: Despite the ignorant call by the networks on Tuesday, it can now be announced Obama actually won a majority of the delegates in Texas. Hillary won the primary and took 65 delegates to Obama's 61, but in the caucus portion, which accounts for another 67 delegates, Obama won by a margin of at least 37-30. That would give him a win of 98-95 delegates. The Obama campaign is claiming it will be higher - maybe as high as 39-28 in the caucuses for a total 100-93 victory. The final will not be completely solid until the county conventions are over and a report is made to the state, but it will not shift enough to give Hillary the victory.

Babe Ruth hit 60 -- why not the Democrats?! It helps when one of the guys you're after is 84 and corrupt.

And finally...introducing Bubbles and Spastic Spice! That's my niece as "Bubbles." It's the first of a series, so stay tuned.

Coach Gibbons Friday--

1000 meter row

50 kettle bell swings (25 lb bell)

4 sets of:
14 box steps (20" box)
10 push-ups

50 kettle bell swings (25 lb bell)

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