Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crosswise in Cross

This might be the single most schizo weather day that I've ever experienced in my life. For starters, winds that would impress King Lear woke us up this morning. They must have cracked every cheek in the universe. Rains straight out of Burma then drenched every steeple and drowned every cock. Then the sun broke through. Then the rains returned. Then the sun. Currently, it's neither rain nor shine, with a mild breeze. This might be a good afternoon to sit out at Matt Molloy's pub with a good book and an Irish coffee. Spit, fire! Spout, rain!

A couple of big stories in last week's The Mayo News, starting with the explosion of a long-simmering family feud in the town Cross. One Gerry McDermott and his wife Breege found themselves in court on charges of "assault and threatening, abusive, and insulting behaviour." (Sounds like a Microsoft product status meeting to me, but that's another story.) Blows allegedly struck, epithets allegedly hurled; ouch:

"Oh boys would ye look at the knackers who are going around slashing tyres"


"are you going to the pub, you alco."

Meanwhile in Ballinrobe, a 26-year old "mother-of-one" appeared in court to deny "threatening behaviour" that she allegedly instigated when she tapped her keys on a car window and said to the driver "I want to have a word with you, Missus. I'll have, you bet." Gardai were summoned immediately.

On the cultural side of things, exhibitions by the "widely acclaimed" Dublin artist Margaret Morrison and Noreen Sadler of Sidhean. According to the caption, "Catriona Bn Ui hOistin, Noreen Sadler, agus Rosaleen Ni Shuilleabhain ag Oscailt Oifigiuil Taispeantas Ealaiona le Noreen Sadler i Gno Mhaigh Eo Cathair na Mart."

Now do you believe me about the map?


Renegade Eye said...

I met this Minneapolis blogger over coffee. This post relates to your post in an abstract way.

PWally said...

I am loving your descriptions! I have flown next to that guy, myself....aaaaargh!
Who knew there was an Irish language?

K. said...

There's an Irish language all right. The Brits even tried to ban it, along with Catholicism. (You can see how well that worked.) It's part of a family of Gaelic tongues that include Welsh, Manx, and maybe Scottish.

Scrumpy's Baker said...

Lord, I can't even spell in English.