Friday, June 13, 2008

Erin Go Bragh!

Starting with my next post, you may notice a Gaelic tilt to Citizen K. That's because Premium T. and I are spending the next month on the Emerald Isle, the Auld Sod, the Holy Land itself: Ireland, a.k.a Eire and Erin. We'll be in County Mayo near the town of Westport, gazing daily upon the aquatic marvel that is Clew Bay and its maze of islands (reputedly one for each day of the year). Slainte!

Citizen K. Read: Yellow Jack, Josh Russell. Outstanding first novel set in New Orleans during the Yellow Fever outbreak of the 1840's. It chronicles the growing madness of the character of Claude Marchand, who is based on one of the first photographers in the United States. Russell uses the exotic setting and characters to probe into the nature of art, history, and obsession, all connected by Marchand's erotic fixation on a young heiress. Challenging and engrossing, Yellow Jack poses unsettling questions and offers no simple answers.

Friday's Choice: A (very) young Steve Earle sings "Mercenary Song"


Anonymous said...

I've got a great hand-knit Isle of Aran sweater I bought in Westport!

Pete is in the Rocky Mountain National Park on his Student Conservation Association month. His lawsuit continues in his abscence, and we hope to have a preliminary ruling by the end of July.

Anonymous said...

O, and say hello to all the Auld Sod-domites for me!

K. said...

Aye, you betcha!