Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Do You Love?


or this man who looks like he's talking through a hole in his throat:

The man who would be Vice-president...

Emmylou Harris, All That I Intended To Be
Who do I love? I love Emmylou Harris, that's who I love. While she doesn't live on the high end of the soprano range any more, her voice has become richer and fuller. It's perfectly suited to this autumnal, elegiac set about the hard lessons gathered from loss, sacrifice, and roads not taken. Harris wryly savors the irony that this wisdom accumulates as we near the end, leaving us  with only enough time to apply all of this hard-won learning to the past. As usual, she sings with great beauty and insight, often assisted movingly by the likes of Dolly Parton and Kate and Anna McGarrigle.  Highly recommended...

Septuagenarian Bill Moyers punks an "O'Reilly Report" producer:

Outraged by the 74-year old Moyers' aggressive violation of the producer's physical space, Bill-o retaliates:

Keith Olbermann explains it all:


Scrumpy's Baker said...

God, I can't believe people actually listen to O'Reilly. Someone in our neighborhood has a pro-O'Reilly bumper sticker. I try to encourage Finn to pee on the truck every morning.

K. said...

ROTFL! I hope his aim is good!

Once time, someone asked me if I'd heard what "Rush" said that morning on the radio. I said no, and added that if I wanted a clown, I'd go to the circus.