Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't Make It Bad

Friday's Choice: Seven minutes of greatness: The Beatles sing "Hey Jude."

I remember seeing this on The Smothers Brothers (back in 1967) like it was yesterday. I can honestly say that here are seven minutes of television changed my life. If you're of a certain age and can watch the shots of John and George singing together without a lump catching in your throat then you must be visiting from another universe.

And now for the B-side! Dig George's burnt-orange mock turtleneck. Hook 'em, George!

Thanks, Mouse!


New Orleans Ladder said...

$100 says that is Bill Gates at least three times, wearing glasses drinking a beer looking cool cat. Really that is Gates.
And I'm saying Author C. Clark with the flowers in his ears... (or Lester Maddox:)
I also saw Jody Foster... look, I was 12 in '72.. that was Jody I know it. Don't believe me ask David Chapman.

OkOK so who else...Editilla

Sylvia K said...

Yep, the original Beatles still bring a lump to the throat so guess I'm checking in from this planet.

K. said...

I thought that was Don Rumsfeld with the flowers in his hair. And maybe a young Editilla on tambourine?