Saturday, August 30, 2008

When The Levee Breaks

Lest we forget.

Friday's Choice on Saturday:
Led Zeppelin performs "When The Levee Breaks" behind a montage of Katrina videos and photographs:

R&B singer Howard Tate does the same with "Louisiana 1927:"


Sylvia K said...

Having lived in New Orleans for over a year many years ago I could feel so strongly for all the people there when Katrina hit and the totally lousy way the government reacted. I hope it isn't about to happen again with Gustav because, frankly, I don't believe the government now is much better prepared than they were then, but I guess we'll see.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Mon. Have you seen this yet? Please rate it too. Sandy Rosenthal says it is getting more viewers right now than the Conventions. HA!

We all over it,

Ima Pissdov said...

I worry that if Gustav hits New Orleans it will be the last of her. She cannot survive because the levees were never repaired properly.
I also hope the entire world comes to know of the mismanagement of this debacle, the money wasted on no repairs and those responsible for not doing their jobs.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

saying lots of prayers and holding my breathe that gustav & hannah won't be repeating the history (and devastation) of katrina and rita