Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Funnies

Not only does this guy bat 1.000, he hits a home run almost every time:

As always, click to enlarge. For more, see

Ever wonder who invented snaps for the western shirt. It was a man named Jack Weil, and he passed away Wednesday at the ripe young age of 107. He was still chief executive of his company and up until the end had "a medicinal shot of Jack Daniels twice a week."

Polly Jackson has a new blog at Hrrmph! Expect to see a great deal of Polly's barbed (or, in this case, barb-able) political art as well as commentaries from her favorite blogs...

In The View From Over The Hill, Sylvia reminisces about growing up in Monahans, Texas during World War II. Let's hope they all made it back...

Time Goes By offers it weekly Sunday Election Issues menu here...

Editilla reminisces fondly in his inimitable way about President Bush's post-Katrina visit to New Orleans (scroll down)...

Ladies, is your marriage in trouble? Maybe that's because you smelled the wrong sweaty t-shirt at the wrong time... moves North Carolina from tossup to "Leaning Republican." Their electoral tally as of today (270 needed to win):

Obama: 287
McCain: 169
Tossup: 85


Foxessa said...


Editilla's post is heartrending, terrifying and infuriating.

Love, C.

Kay Dennison said...

I laughed at this cartoon. Unfortunately, it's what my daddy
would call "more truth than poetry."