Monday, June 22, 2009

I (Heart) This Blog!

Muchos garcias to Roy of Roy's World for bestowing the I (Heart) This Blog award on Citizen K. Roy sez that I'm a
"political commentator extraordinaire, lover of all things NOLA, fellow lover of the best in music, and especially fellow Red Sox diehard fanatic (Swing, Big Papi, swing!)."
Coming from an exceptionally talented guy who writes and photographs one of the best and most eclectic blogs out there, this award makes me prouder than usual to accept!

BTW, Roy has joined Just A Song as regular contributor. Read his first entry, about Cheryl Wheeler's harrowing "Addicted", here.

There are, of course, rules to accepting these awards, as is usual. For this award they are:
1) Grab the Award and link love the person from whom you got the award.

2) Pass the award to different bloggers who you think are deserving of this award.

3) Write a post about the award and there you’ll link the person who gave the award to you and those people who you’d like to pass the award.

4) Continue your passion in writing because your hard work will always be appreciated.
I'm passing this award on to four New Orleans blogs by people who have kept the faith against long odds for nearly four years now. Congrats to
  • The New Orleans Ladder. Day in and day out, Editilla collects news items and blog entries about Katrina politics and policy and NOLA culture into this fascinating compendium of life in the city that care may have forgotten but that still won't give up. His cayenne-flavored commentaries add spice to one of the best blogosphere gumbos out there. A labor of love if there ever was one.
  • A new discovery for me, Cliff at Cliff's Crib writes with near perfect pitch about the nexus of social policy, politics, and the daily life of the individual. Plus, like any good Gulf Coaster, he can bitch about the heat with the best of 'em!
  • As near as I can tell, Susanna Powers of angels and people/life in new orleans carries her camera with her everywhere she goes. Accumulated, her photographs comprise an honest, compelling portrait of a fascinating city.
  • Steve Buser's New Orleans Daily Photograph celebrates life in the Crescent City with appropriate joie de vivre. His bird pictures, particularly of egrets, are not to be missed. They make one suspect that Steve might be part egret himself...

I get it: Nice mugs. (Hats off to anyone who gets that old movie allusion.)...


sussah said...

Dear K., You deserve the award & thanks for the kind words. Took a few photos yesterday walking around in some scruffy places, and people probably thought I was crazy because we are all about to keel over, honestly it's been roasting. We do appreciate your support, sp, n.o.

Annette said...

Congrats.. you deserve all the awards you get.

Renegade Eye said...

You deserve the award. Really cool.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Awwww T'anks YOUZ!
Special K!
I will try to do the Hearty thing errrah.... what an honor!
Right now my little fetish is the "Word Verification" thingies.

For example, yours today is: "cropofa" hmmmmm... what does it mean.... hmmmm...
Jus'sayin, real memes carry our beliefs like vessels... one person alone or a million together... that is a real meme. So these "Word Verification" thingies are my new Meme for Synchronicity. To verify a Word with a NOn-word, which itself over time starts to become actual words... like cropofa, which ain't a word just yet. But sometimes theyz real words. I con'tell you don'beeleeeeeve me. Ask Ima Wizer she toll'ya.
Anywayz, the word will be gone'gone when I hit that little button.

Thanks youz,
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Roy said...

K, I didn't even have to think hard to pass the award on to you.

As to Team Witchcraft... Oy vey iz mir! Do you think if we stock up on garlic and crucifixes we can head this thing off? And would the GOP really be stupid enough to actually endorse that ticket?

John Hayes said...

Congrats, K! Well deserved.

K. said...

Editilla: "Cropofa" huh? Sounds like "scrofula."

Roy: Don't put anything past these guys. Obama would salivate over running against the Witchcraft kids. He'd win every state but Alaska, Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, and Utah. I don't think those two could win Louisiana.

Bill said...

I know the movie reference, but... It'd kind of be cheating to say since I grew up in the same house as you and that movie.

As far as team witchcraft goes, if that's who they want to throw out there in 2012 that's just fine, I don't think that most of the country would line up behind that ticket.

K. said...

Go ahead and let tell them, Bill!

Ima Wizer said...

Here's to ya, K, your blog is a cropofa good read, always!! Well deserved!
uh-oh,,,my word verification is UTdia (did they say UT?)

Bill said...

The reference is to a cynical (though soon to be saved) Edward G. Robinson in the film Brother Orchid. "This... this is the real class."

Clifton said...

I appreciate the recognition even though I am a few days late saying thanks. My house guests are draining my time.

By the way my verification term is "cherme"

K. said...

My pleasure, Clifton! Is "Cherme" anywhere near "Treme"?

Good luck with the guests.