Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Quick One While He's Away

New Just A Song post called "I Want My Country Back" about two songs by Greg Brown and Jimmy Lafave...

Facebook Word Verification: Discharged bliss. I am not making this up...

Reclaiming a New Orleans bayou with recycled plastic...

Ho ho, ha ha ha. And on Father's Day weekend, no less...


Annette said...

Seen her 3 times and it's over..but it took him a crying 5 days to tell her.. Give. Me. A. Break. And his wife has known for 5 months.. yeah right... If his wife has known for 5 months and it took him 5 days to go to Argentina and tearfully tell this woman it was ain't

He is still lying to himself, his wife and everyone else.

There is more to come.. how long will it be until he gets a divorce and moves to

Foxessa said...

I had to look up your previous quote, btw -- and it seems it wasn't a book at all!

I've read this novel though. :) While I was still hoping we might move to Texas.

Love, C.

Foxessa said...

All these damned pols are behaving more like Brit lords of the 18th c, for whom no laws apply, and everyone except the select group of the fellow peers existed for their exploitation of labor and service, with no return on the part of these negligible others.

You know they say we need a revolution ...

Love, c.

Roy said...

Hmmm... Why is it that the ones who preach "family values" the hardest and loudest are the ones least likely to hold to those values? Is a puzzlement!

K. said...

Roy: Indeed. The connection between the wingnuts and sex is one for the shrinks, that's for sure.

Foxessa: I fiddled with the punctuation of "No Reply" so that it would read poetically. When I chose the current First Lines, I reread the first chapter of the novel. There's a great exchange between the LBJ character and his butler:



"Just goddammin' is all."

Annette: Apparently Sanford spent the first part of the press conference rambling about how he had always loved the Appalachians, had led hikes there, and so forth. If he was serious about ending the affair, there's this piece of technology called the "telephone", which has been around for some time now.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Hehehe... youz cats --and foxes.
"Cry For Me Argentina"
This has got to be my fav line of the Year so far:
"I spent the last 5 days...sniff..CRYING IN ARGENTINA!"
Whadda Toid! There is no crying in extramarital affairs!?!
Why isn't my therapist around at times like this? I mean, if it hadn't been posted here in Citizen K then she would never believe I didn't make up that one! I'd already be halfway to the half'way house by now.
But... we can't make this stuff up! Hahahahahaha
"Crying in Argentina".
Aw Hell... how'bout some cursin!
OMMFKNG (Oh My Motherfucking God)
MMAJ (Mother Mary and Joseph)
GMWATFCS (Gag Me With A Ten Foot Chain Saw!)
WDITATPIYE (Whoopsee Daisy Is That A Telephone Pole In Your Eye)
WWED (What Would Elvis Do)
EJGS (Even Jesus Got Strange)
WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)(Lotsa Whiskey, Tango and now he gonna Foxtrot!)
IBBAWLWWNFV (If Being A Bastard Were Legitimate We Wouldn't Need Family Values)
OK! Enough! Make It Stop! (MIS) Yaaaaaa.... acronyphobia!

Of course it never stops, to wit: this comment is brought to you, memetically sealed, by the Citizen K Word Verification Thingy (CKWVT):
hmmmmm what is it trying to tell us? Cadishi...
Cry Argentina, Da'Irascible Sleeps Holding It?
Somebody help me... please.

K. said...

Don't forget

CIA - "Crying in Argentina". It will be a great alternative to the eye-rolling emoticon, "Oh, please," "DYSEM2BT" ("Do You Seriously Expect Me To Believe That"), and "GHTYW&KYDH" (Go Home To Your Wife And Kids You Disgusting Hypocrite."

The wingnut blogosphere is of two minds:

1. If you want to run for president, keep it in your pants.

2. All politicians suck but you have to respect Sanford because he was up front about disappearing without a word on Father's Day weekend so that he could have a week's worth of Argentinian quickies while tearfully trying not to have them in between rounds all while leaving his wife to stand up for him and his staff to lie for him.

Scrumpy said...

These situations always lead me to wonder... If they think they can get away with things like this, what ARE they really getting away with?

sussah said...

And have you noticed, all these men having affairs are so ugly (except John Edwards). But this new one is beyond belief. Thanks for the new acronyms. sp, n.o.

Foxessa said...

They're gops so of course they're ugly. Newt? Shudder.

Most of 'em are hippos too -- they must take up an entire set of seats on planes, but they aren't asked to pay for 'em.

Love, C.