Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Address: Health Care Reform The Key To Our Fiscal Future

Citizen K. is attempting to write a mystery set in South Texas. In the first chapter, three kids find a body on a windswept spit much like this one. I was at Drum Point one evening about twenty years ago with my wife, toddler son, and about every aquatic bird known to South Texas: Pelicans, egrets, herons, sandpipers -- you name. I've revisited the place many times. Last night, we were too early for the birds, but the fish were jumping. The wind was so strong that it blew up grains sand so hard that they stung my legs.

Rushbo Stupidism of the Week: It was a tough call this week, what with Rush blaming the shooting at the Holocaust Museum on Obama's anti-Semitism and all. But he set a pretty low bar on the very first hour of his Monday broadcast, so low that even he couldn't descend it:
Barack Obama sees America's role in the world as not good. It is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of people to hear a member of the state-run media refer to a half-black, half-white human being with no experience running anything of substance referred to as a god.

Friday's Choice on Saturday: The great Jimmy Lafave washes the taste of Rush away with his beautiful cover of "Catch The Wind":


Roy said...

((sigh)) That's pretty low even for Rush. Somebody'll really have to point out to me where the media ever regarded Obama as a god. The closest I've ever seen is the religious right press declaring him to be the antichrist.

I like Jimmy Lafave's take on "Catch the Wind". It reminds me of the all-night jams my old friend Joel, a reggae guitarist, and I used to get into; we could go for hours on "All Along the Watchtower" or "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". This has that same hypnotic quality.

You're writing a mystery? Cool beans!

K. said...

Rushbo is a real snake in the grass, all right. If someone called him on this, he'd act all offended and say that Obama is half-black half-white, so how can stating a fact be racist?

Jimmy Lafave is wonderful. None of his albums are worse than very good. I'm a big fan of his last one (Cimarron Manifesto), and Trail is a great place to start. Unfortunately, he rarely performs outside of Texas. The one time I saw him, he joined Bruce Springsteen to sing "Oklahoma Hills"!

Ima Wizer said...

I DO believe in karma and I'd say Rush is headed for a mean, humongous train wreck. I can't wait to witness it.

Molly The Dog said...

It's always been one of my favorite songs.