Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loving It To Death

Unlike many teabaggers, I don't walk around with a copy of the Constitution in my hip pocket. Nor do I claim any particular Constitutional expertise. But, I know what my values are and I know what kind of country I want to live in.

I believe that the law of the land defines a nation in which all are created and treated equally regardless of color, gender, or sexuality; in which political equality is assumed; where health care is a right and not a privilege; and in which economic equality as a way of life is something to be reached for and legislated if needs be.

I believe that "We the people" is not an idle phrase, and that the point of providing for a common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty is to "form a more perfect union," which means that the states united enable a stronger, better way of life than they would as separate parts.

I believe that the Constitution allows "We the people" to form a national government that provides defense, promotes general welfare (which I interpret as intending everybody and not a fortunate few), and secures the blessings of liberty.

I believe that together our people -- no matter what different gods they worship (or not); what part of the country they live in; what color they are; whether they are rich, poor, or middle class; whether they are male or female, young or old -- are a "we," a one people who should look out for each other. I believe that the Constitution encourages this instead of making it more difficult.

I believe in a country that helps one provide for one's family, where you help out the other guy, and where you live and let live. I believe that this is not possible without a government to regulate the excesses of the free market and to guarantee Constitutional rights.

I believe that there is nothing radical or dangerous about my convictions. I don't believe that I have all the answers, and I mistrust anyone who thinks that he or she does.

I don't understand how anyone can love the Constitution and support laws that trample on one of its fundamental tenets: The presumption of innocence.

I don't understand how anyone can love the Constitution and support a practice that would violate the separation of powers and politicize the judicial branch.

I don't understand how anyone can revere the right to free speech and deride anyone who disagrees with their reading of the Constitution as an un-American socialist.

I don't understand how anyone can revere the Constitution while constantly seeking to amend it.

I don't understand how anyone who stands for individual rights can be part of a mob that disrupts public discourse.

I don't understand how anyone can say that they love the Constitution but care only about the Second and Tenth Amendments and their own personal freedom of speech.

I don't understand how anyone can love America and applaud the murder of 168 Americans.

I don't understand how anyone can fanatically oppose so-called Big Government and support the Patriot Act.

I don't understand how anyone can love America and fear it at the same time.

I don't understand how believing all of this means that I hate my country.

But what do I know?...

This guy did a pretty good job, even if he did use a teleprompter...

Fox News: Liar or whipping boy? The Young Turks report, you decide:

Start buying eggs. Now...

The Bruce Springsteen Navigator:
...he still comes across as a working-class guy from New Jersey, putting across a compassionate populism as he sings about jobs, families and everyday life...
The Rush Limbaugh Navigator:
More recently, he galvanized Republican opposition to Democratic plans for an economic stimulus, and said he hoped President Obama would fail...
Which one sounds like a better American to you?...

You Have The Right To Remain Stable: The new Arizona anti-immigrant law could cost billions to a state already struggling with large deficit. But, says Republican Governor Jan Brewer, that's okay because the bill ensures that "...the constitutional rights of all in Arizona remain solid, stable, and steadfast." As for the other 49 states, our constitutional rights are gaseous, teetering, and drunk as a skunk...

Alternative meanings for common words, as in
Pokemon (n) -- A Rastafarian proctologist...
This one goes out to the state of Arizona:


tnlib said...

Beautiful. Going to put a link up on my FB.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I love this. You have succinctly stated my thoughts & feelings. Bravo!

Roy said...

Excellent post, K! Truer words were never spoken. And what a way to finish it off! The Boss is still the Boss.

Darlene said...

K, this is a superb post and I am going to copy it and send it to my friends, with your permission. It should be required reading for every citizen.

Thank you for stating my beliefs so well.

T. Clear said...

Paul, a passionate, heart-felt piece, written with integrity and intelligence. It's you at your best!

K. said...

Thanks, all! This one has been percolating for a while.

tnlib: Thanks for the link. Parsley Pics has become a must-read for me.

Lizzy: Thanks, and great to hear from you.

Roy: Still the Boss is right! I don't know where the film in the montage came from, but it's perfect. The subtitled lyrics in Spanish are a great touch.

Darlene: I'm honored. Feel free to distribute this to whomever you think wants or needs to read it.

T.: Hey, watch the cyber PDAs!

RealityZone said...

Excellent ! !

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I'd like to say you out-did yourself here, K. Dayum! Really.
Of course I don't have much to add here...ha!

I remember the first time around 10 years old that I read the words "We The People, in order to form a more perfect union, hold these truths to be Self Evident..."
Kids aren't "peoples" yet so much at that age seemed Self Evident to a child. For example, having "Rome" show me how to keep from falling into the outhouse behind his family's home on my daddy's farm. It wasn't that Shit Happens, as much as Indoor Shitters only happened for those who sought them. If they were still on our cotton farm then obviously they didn't rate Real Shitters. I'm talking from 10 years old here. It wasn't Self Evident to me then that my summers cohort "Rome" (Jerome) would eventually make it off the farm to Chicago where he would be shot in a Crack deal, but it was quite Self Evident that he and his family were not the same or at all "equal" as me and my family or any of my friends' families. It wasn't Self Evident to me at the time that my father was paying Rome's father about $2/hour to work and live on our farm. But it was Self Evident to me that I was Mr Richard's son, even whilst eating their Pinto Beans, Greens and Cornbread on the back porch, looking at that outhouse and wondering what was wrong with this picture.
But I must confess, it all seemed quite the way the world worked back then in the early 60s, before the Kennedys saw Mississippi.
After that it got to where you just couldn't find a good tractor driver anymore.
This is the kinda stuff you draw me into talking about, Citizen K.
It is unique to this Blog for me.
Fucking Liberals. Always asserting the Constitution, reminding Americans what it means to miss...

K. said...

Just call me Solid, Stable, and Steadfast!

Not that it makes us superior beings, but white people who grew up in the south and who came to hate the racism are especially attuned to the code words and hold them in especial contempt. Let's just that we know manure when we step in it and smell it. It recounts his boyhood years growing up on a Georgia peanut farm; I'm willing to bet that the two of you have many shared experiences.

Editilla, there's a book you might like -- a classic of rural literature -- called An Hour Before Daylight by none other than Jimmy Carter.

Renegade Eye said...

In Minnesota in the State Legislature, Republicans including Mike Parry from Michelle Bachman's district, drew a bill saying the Minnesota State Legislature, can overturn a Federal law.

The Civil War was fought and won, to prevent such foolishness.

Someone on Facebook, wondered what if the Tea Party was a black group?

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Yes, Carter described his personal finances upon day he left the White House as "beneath broke".
They told him it was a blind trust and he believed them.
Nice guys may not always finish first, but as in Jimmy Carter's case, they do finish and finish strong at that!

Ima Wizer said...

Thank you so much for this post....I believe we are basically good people but past "leadership" (that's a laugh) of the last 8 years, showed us there are demons among us, period. I am hopeful for a full recovery for our country...............

Distributorcap said...

this was great!

problem is so many people (especially teabaggers) read We The People as We the White People

we have uncontrollable and epidemic racism exploding everywhere

Arizona is the tip of the iceberg

K. said...

Ima: Thanks! Despite it all, so am I.

DC: I believe and certainly hope that history will show all of this as the last gasp as a dying order. But as the Hispanic population grows, conservative whites will pull out all of the stops to maintain political control. They always have.