Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Think I'm Gonna Cry 196 Thumbs Down

This article about the NAACP denouncing the teabaggers received the usual comments attacking the venerable civil rights organization as full of closet racists with the moral equivalency of the Ku Klux Klan. Just for grins, I offered this comment:
Come on, guys, you don't like minority groups. That's obvious from the snide remarks here. You think that that TARP, the stimulus, the health care law, and the lawsuit against Arizona are all part and parcel of a nefarious socialist plot to transfer the money earned by hard-working whites to lazy, undeserving minorities. 
This plus a few other shots I through in for good measure garnered a total of 196 thumbs down. A good day's work by any definition!

Some of my responses had to do with introducing a note of reality to the new Republican fantasy that they were somehow responsible for the civil rights legislation of the 60s. Can anyone explain how conservatives  can want to roll back the Great Society on the one hand and yet take credit for two of its signal legislative accomplishments on the other?

Oh, and my mother raised me well: I thanked everyone for their votes and nonsupport...


Roy said...

A job well done! Do you really have that many basket cases up your way, or is it just that the article brought out the very vocal minority?

I find it very telling that the modern day conservatives seem to find it necessary to call the victims of racism racists themselves. That's the most overt and blatant case of projection I think I've ever seen!

tnlib said...

Projection it is and to project is what the conservatives have always been experts at doing. For decades they've fought every piece of legislation, especially social, that Democrats have introduced only to take credit for that same legislation a few years later.

One would think that with all the information available on the Internet people would do a little research - it really doesn't take a whole hell of a lot.

Steven said...

Gobsmacked! That's a good word for how I feel after reading some of the comments. I only read a few pages of them before giving up in disgust. What ever happened to education in our country?

I didn't log in but you can add me to the 'Thumbs Up' number.

sussah said...

By your post title, I thought you were referring to the containment cap on the spewing well! sp

Ima Wizer said...

In Mason City Iowa they have a billboard likening President Obama to Lenin and Hitler (all done by the local tea party). WHEN will people remember that Bush/Cheney got us into this soon they conveniently forget.....what a bunch of dried, used up teabags

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as with steven i had to stop reading the comments

oy, oy

perfect song selection!

thumbs up to citizen k's ma for doing a good job!!

K. said...

Citizen K.'s mother was the third-greatest woman in the world, after Premium T. and my late wife!

Roy: Most of the basket cases are on the other side of the Cascade Curtain. But we still have our share of loudmouths in western Washington. The way they've adopted racism is make themselves victims of it is breathtaking. You'd think they lived under Jim Crow Plus.

tnlib: The propensity to take credit for what they despise reveals a profound psychological rupture. Avoidance of that is one reason why they shout so loud.

Steven: Thanks! One of the more loquacious of the bunch actually lectured a African-American commenter about not having read enough about civil rights.

Sussah: That would take more than 196 tears...

Ima: Sigh. This would make for a much better billboard.

mouse You didn't miss much: It's the same nonsense over and over.

Darlene said...

I scrolled down looking for your comment so I could give you a thumbs up. I read a few of the posts and gave up. I never found your comment but I came to the conclusion that the number of tea baggers commenting far exceeded the sane people. At the end there is a place to see the most commented on and those idiotic rants seemed to outdo the others.

I came to the conclusion that there probably weren't 196 people who read the comments so you must have gotten under the skin of one of them and he/she checked in 196 times to give you a thumbs down. Someone was gaming the system.

Cowtown Pattie said...

You'd think they lived under Jim Crow Plus.

And how many of those poor discriminated souls have been chained and drug from the rear bumper of a Bubba truck?

It is an insult to every man, woman, and child who have suffered from real prejudice for such a privileged class of people to proclaim their own oppression. What a crock of crap.

I have tried to avoid reading any nutjob right wing blog precisely because it makes me wanna pull my hair out, pushes my blood pressure through the roof, and thoroughly ruins my day.

Do we really live on the same planet as these morons?

I don't want to breathe the same air much less be a target for their self-righteous misguided-to-the-max gaseous wind.

These days, I need to wear taller boots.

K. said...

Darlene: Oh, I'm sure some people voted early and often. I was over 200 the last time I checked. I should put this on my resume.

CP: I know what you mean, and I usually steer clear of them. At times, though, I can't resist going after people who are, as you so excellently put it, members of a privileged class who claim to be oppressed.

Ima Wizer said...

Ha, ha, ha,ha K, you are right, if only!!!!!

Distributorcap said...

only 196 thumbs down LOL