Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We the White Male People

If conservatives love the Constitution so much, why do they have a pile of amendments lined up like jets in a holding pattern over LAX?

Why do they want to throw out the entire document except for the Second and Tenth Amendments?

Why have they opposed, tooth-and-nail, attempts by disenfranchised Americans to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves?

Throughout history, conservatives have opposed granting full constitutional rights to people who didn't own property, slaves, women, working people, gays and lesbians, and immigrants. They inevitably lose, but the battle always leaves a permanent scab on the body politic that they pick at for generations, working diligently to reverse the gains that have been made instead of trusting the law of the land that they claim to revere.


John Hayes said...

Beautifully said, K! You are fighting the good fight.

Christine H. said...


K. said...

We can't forget who the enemy is. And it's not Barack Obama.

WV: migasms. I don't even want to go there.

Roy said...

Why? Because at the basic level conservatism is all about selfishness.

Jerry Critter said...

Why? Because they are liars. Their actions show that they have no regard for the Constitution.

K. said...

Roy: What's more, they're proud of it. They call it "enlightened self interest." Which might be something if they were enlightened.

JC: None whatsoever. They decide what they want, contort the Constitution to fit that, then rail against anyone who dares call them on it.

roman said...

K., Roy and Jerry,

From a conservative immigrant point of view....
I am not "selfish" or a "liar" as the above sweeping generalizations contend. I am most likely your neighbor who seeks justice and fairness just like you.
Also, K, for the upteenth time.... it is not just "immigrants", it is ILLEGAL immigrants we object to. Why is the matter of legality just a side distraction for liberals?
Without it, the USA will become like those countries where those illegals are escaping from.
A road to citizenship? YES, but not untill we secure those borders.

Jerry Critter said...

So, roman, if you seek justice and fairness why are you a conservative?

K. said...

Legality is not the only issue. Immigrants are imported cheap labor, and have been since time immemorial. The majority of immigrant are exploited via low pay and, if you're concerned about legality, illegal working conditions. Again, nothing new under the sun here. Round up and deport 11,000,000 people and you'd create a produce shortage (with high prices in the bargain) and a crisis in child care.

My ancestors arrived in this country legally. So what? There was an ocean between Ireland and the United States, and they arrived at a time of open borders. Put Ireland on the southern border of the US with the per capita income of Mexico, and my forebears would have come here illegally if that was their only choice.

Conservatives miss a huge bet by demonizing a group of people that want to assimilate and with a tendency to cultural conservatism. They are there for the taking, and conservatives are blowing it because they can't get around race. They never have.

Mexico has a per capita income that one-fourth of the United States'. People go where the money and the opportunity is. Surely, conservative understand at least that.

K. said...

P.S. Historically, legal status has little to do with conservative exploitation of immigrants.

K. said...

Jerry's doesn't ask an idle question, BTW. Whenever a group of people has sought justice and equality for itself, conservatives have opposed them or stood aside for others to do the heavy lift. That's a historical reality.

Roman, why the furor over immigration now? 11,000,000 people didn't arrive yesterday, and certainly not on Barack Obama's watch. Why direct anger at him instead of the presidents who preceded him?

Congressional Democrats have for some time been prepared to support bipartisan, compromise, comprehensive immigration reform legislation that includes improved border security. Republicans have refused to participate unless border security comes first. Democrats don't trust them, and why should they? So if you're unhappy with border security, aim your displeasure at Mitch McConnell and John Boner.

Darlene said...

These comments lead right to my blog today. I wrote on the Arizona anti-immigration law SB1070 that may become a law on the 29th unless it is stopped.

My rant on this turned into the longest comment section I have ever had on my blog. I have a headache now from trying to respond and keep up with a friend who differs from me. I don't think I have ever written about anything that elicited such a lengthy response. Yikes!

tnlib said...

An "illegal" immigrant is just another word for "sharecropper" or "indentured servant." If AZ hypocrits succeed in chasing these so-called illegals out of the country,they will be the first to sneak them back in. Nobody else is going to work for their crappy $3/hour wages.

"the USA will become like those countries where those illegals are escaping from."

Typical paranoid conservative hogwash and oh so insufferably superier.

Why is it that so many immigrants become such blatant conservatives who hate everyone else and want to deny them the same opportunities? Oh, I know. They've got theirs so screw every body else.

Jerry Critter said...

The new republican mantra -- I've got mine, so screw everyone else.

injaynesworld said...

Were we separated at birth? I agree with everything you've said and love the dialogue it's created.

I never do this because I think it's rude and tacky, but tacky be damned. This is a link to a post I wrote not long ago that I think you'll connect with: "Tired of Old White Men."

P.S. Take a look at Disqus for comments. It makes conversations with people who leave comments so easy. I love it on my blog.

K. said...

Good blog, Jayne. Willie Mays had trouble buying a home in late 50s San Francisco, so I have no doubt that your instincts were right.

I like to tell conservatives that to see the future, look at Tiger Woods (before this year, anyway!) Much uncomfortable squirming often followed.

I'll check out Disqus.

roman said...
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