Friday, December 24, 2010

Boob Bob Redux

During the BP Oil Catastrophe last summer, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal insisted that the construction of artificial sand berms was a sure-fire means of containing the spill. Government and independent scientists objected: No underlying science supported the project, it would expend money and resources better used elsewhere, the berms couldn't possibly be built in time to do any good, and they might well be counterproductive. Just federal bureaucrats getting in the way of state leadership, Jindal bawled, and amidst the general caterwauling to Do Something Anything, the government reversed its position and allowed Jindal's vanity project to proceed.

Well, as Rachel Maddow reports, it turns out the Obama administrations concerns were justified. The berms, reported a bipartisan commission, were of no use but did cost a lot of money (and, incidentally, were a gold mine for Louisiana dredging interests; this was really little more than Jindal acting as a bagman for special interests). Watch:


Roy said...

Well, nobody ever really credited Boob Bob with an overabundance of public responsibility. It's interesting how conservative politicians always seem to turn disasters, natural or otherwise, into a source of personal profit.

K. said...

It's the American way. What's depressing is how many people defend it. In what must be a manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome, this often extends to its victims. I can just about guarantee that Jindal is lionized on the Gulf Coast even though he exploited a catastrophe.

Good profile picture!

tnlib said...

Wasn't he the boob who made a big production out of not accepting stimulous money, then took it and acted like the whole thing was his idea?

Peace and love everyone.

Marguerite said...

Typical politics in any state, U.S.A., plus we don't have a very good track record for governors. (ie. Edwin Edwards, Huey P. Long, etc.) lol Great profile pic! Happy Holidays, cher!

K. said...

At least Huey Long inspired a great novel! Glad you like the pic -- it was taken in the Emerald Isle. Joyeux Noiel!

Distributorcap said...

jindal - who is about as incompetent as they come - has the luxury of leading a state that is about as incompetent as they come. but since he is constantly selling his hate of govt and hate of obama - he looks like a hero to the teabag set

with folks like jindal - we are so doomed