Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jamaicans for Justice: Victim's Voices

I'll believe when I see it, but with 63 senate votes to cut off debate, the end of the stupidity of DADT is in sight. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), whose alleged football injury and (for good measure) student deferment allowed him to spend the Vietnam war in the comfort of a fraternity house and who later accused triple amputee and Silver Star winner Max Cleland of being soft on defense, echoed past arguments against integrating the armed forces: "It the middle of a military conflict, this is not the time to do it." When would be the time, Senator?

James Inhofe (R-OK) claims that "it is working very well." How does that explain the 14,000 soldiers discharged for their sexual orientation, including Arabic linguists and others with mission critical skills? And why is it working, Senator? Because 14,000 is the right number, or because thousands more can't serve their country with suppressing who they are?

DADT has accomplished nothing but lying, shame, and subterfuge. It has deprived the military of dedicated, honorable men and women just when it needs them most. Retaining it says that it is the victims' duty is to adjust to the bigots, when it must be the other way around.


Roy said...

I've finally figured it out; in order to qualify as a conservative you first have to publicly demonstrate that you're a total moron. Not that there aren't liberals who are also morons; it's just that it's a prerequisite for being a conservative.

K. said...

You may have a point! A certainty comfort level with internalized intellectual chaos does appear to be a common denominator.

The implication that it would be okay if we weren't at war is what gets me. First of all, the military by design a war-making institution, so its like saying that you can go to any library that doesn't have books. Second, it's disingenuous: Those clowns wouldn't support repeal of DADT under any circumstances. Third, if they imply DADT could be repealed under certain circumstances, just what are they getting at? That bigotry and prejudice are okay if you're fighting against them in battle? Feh.