Monday, December 24, 2007

Bedford Fallen

PK and I inaugurated a new holiday tradition this afternoon: The Sopranos Christmas Eve marathon. Hey, it's the little moments like these that are worth remembering.

Now, we're immersed in It's A Wonderful Life while Bill is out with friends. Charles Lane, the actor who plays Mr Potter's rent collector, died earlier this year at the age of 102. His movie and TV career spanned over 75 years and he made over 600 appearances. Now that's a working actor. His final credit was earlier this year, a reading of "The Night Before Christmas." Next year, his particular wonderful life will be the subject of a documentary, You Know The Face. No word on where it will be shown.

Meanwhile, PK and I have been imagining Bedford Falls in 1968, 22 years after the events at the end of the film. The men all have sideburns and hair over their ears. George Bailey and Violet have been having an affair for years. (George originally strayed because of Mary's addiction to prescription drugs.) Harry Bailey has been married and divorced three times; his current mistress just graduated from high school. Sam Wainwright is winding up a prison term served for insider trading. Zuzu is a flower child; brother Peter is the local drug dealer. Potter disappeared mysteriously after the Mafia infiltrated his empire. Also, the Cosa Nostra have taken over Martini's restaurant for use as a front. (Nick has become a low level enforcer.) George has fended off their attempts to move in on the Building & Loan, but they're threatening to whack Peter for nonpayment of drug loans. Meanwhile, Ernie the Cabbie's hack has been pulled out of Lake Bedford with Ernie's sodden body slumped over the steering wheel. Bert the Cop, now a corrupt police chief on the take, is no help. And everyone is concerned about the plans of neighbor Max Yasgur to rent out his farm next summer for use by a rock music festival. Can Clarence Oddbody help straighten this out, or is he too in thrall to the teachings of Timothy Leary?

Anyone who wants to fill in more blanks, please do.

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Premium T. said...

Someone needs to make this movie! You guys are hilarious. (And just a little bit brilliant.) (Not that I'm at all biased.)