Friday, October 3, 2008

The Brothers K. Debate The Debate

Two of my four brothers and I had this exchange after the debate:

K.: It reminded me of the Andy Griffith Show episode where Aunt Bee runs for mayor against Howard. She answered every question with a rote clich√© whereas Howard provided nuanced understanding. Chris Matthews compared her [Palin] to a spelling bee contestant. I agree, with one addition: Instead of spelling the word she was given, she spelled any word she felt like spelling. I was impressed with Biden.

K3: Governor Palin, what, specifically, will a McCain/Palin administration do to ease the financial burden of middle-class families?
"I have to get up on Saturday mornings and take the kids to their hockey games, just like millions of Americans. My family is certainly diverse, just look at us (self-conscious giggle). I've been a hunter for about as long as I can remember, so I can relate to Joe Six Pack and his Soccer Mom wife."
My take: It's sad when the bar for a vice presidential candidate had been set so low that you "win" by not making a total fool of yourself. I also didn't realize that it was necessary to mention that you have a family (a diverse one, at that!) whenever possible -- as if there's never been a family-man in the White House.

I'm not a big Biden fan, but he more than held his own.

Finally: On CBS they had Joe Lieberman on afterward, asking for his take on the debate! Like that guy has a gram of credibility left. Ay caramba!

K5: Agree. I thought Biden did exceptionally well. He maybe could have hit her harder after the "white flag" BS, but all in all he did a great job.

She didn't implode, so she wins expectations game. But I don't think anyone outside of the Republican Party was buying what she was selling. You can only say "maverick" so many times before it starts sounding like an excuse for not getting anything done.

No harm. Advantage us.

(Note: K5 has been working in Democratic party politics in one way or another for his entire career, and so has an actual informed opinion.)...

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Friday's Choice: Encore! Encore! Paolo Szot and Kelli O'Hara sing "Some Enchanted Evening" from the revival of South Pacific:

For good measure, here's Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza from the 1949 original Broadway cast:


Renegade Eye said...

I wish I could write songs like Some Enchanted Evening.

I guess the GOP will be talking about what they did wrong to be out of power, after predicting they'll be in power decades? They'll learn the wrong lessons.

K. said...

"I wish I could write songs like Some Enchanted Evening."

Welcome to the club!

The confident predictions of a permanent Republican majority constitute the most immense act of political hubris since Dewey beat Truman.