Thursday, October 30, 2008


I found this great picture of Barack Obama at a recent rally in Pennsylvania at Change Your World. There are more here, plus a partial transcript and video of last night's infomercial here...

The infomercial pretty much succeeded on its own terms. It seemed intended to spur on committed supporters and allay any lingering fears of leaners. I doubt that it changed any minds or won over anyone truly undecided, but it wasn't trying to accomplish that, either...

BTW, the infomercial did not delay the World Series. In some time zones, it preempted the pre-game show, thus sparing millions of  Americans from the pontifications of Joe "This Is Really, Really, Really Serious" Buck and Tim "Flab Lip" McCarver. Republicans and Democrats alike should be grateful for that...

With less than a week to go, here's h0w some pundits and prognosticators see the electoral vote count:

Obama 344
McCain 194

Obama (strong) 272
Obama (lean) 039
Obama total 311
McCain (strong) 123
McCain (lean) 019
McCain total 142
Toss-up 085

Obama 357
McCain 181

Obama 311
McCain 157
Toss-Up 070

Obama 286
McCain 163
Toss-Up 089

Obama (strong) 203
Obama (lean) 088
Obama total 291
McCain (strong) 122
McCain (lean) 041
McCain total 163
Toss-up 084


Sylvia K said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed, but things do look good. I'd hold my breath, but I don't have enough of that left, so I'll cross everything along with the fingers and stay off the streets.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

in my heart of hearts I'm convinced the O man is gonna take it, but I'm superstitious and know we can't let our guard down. the forces of whatever stole the last two elections, so I'm hoping for a landslide to avoid any chance of that happening again!!

thanks for the numbers.... the rove map really blew my mind....

all this current b.s. throwing around the "S" word and associating it with obama is really pissing me off...but it is interesting to see what mcnasty does when cornered - real presidential behavior, eh?

K. said...

Pulling out the S or C card has been a Republican tactic since Joe McCarthy, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. The encouraging thing is that it McCain look like a nut case. Obama's demeanor has inoculated him against wild charges. It's great!

Scrumpy's Baker said...

I'm worried too, I won't take a deep breath until its over. Heard this on NPR yesterday. Life-long Democrat, sign-in the yard, attending rallies type. Asks the interviewer to turn the microphone off and says. "I'm worried Obama will enslave the white people if he wins." I just have no idea how many of this type of person are out there and how it will affect things.

Kathy said...

I was struck by the differences between Obama and McCain while watching the infomercial. Obama comes across as genuinely caring and concerned about the problems of ordinary citizens.

McCain? His plans tell me he doesn't really care about average people's struggles. Can you imagine his response to the lady with rheumatoid arthritis and her 72-year-old husband who still had to work to make ends meet? He'd tell them he'll cut taxes for small businesses.

Or how about the man whose pension had been cut? McCain would say never fear, I'm going to cut taxes on businesses.

Cutting taxes is his solution to everything - and we all know how well (not) that turns out.