Thursday, December 18, 2008

From Baugh to the Boss

If you didn't click on yesterday's link to Sammy Baugh's obituary, you missed this picture, one of the best sports photographs I've ever seen...

Once again, Helen Thomas tells it like it is:  "...a bevy of Republican senators from the South are trying to break up what the United Automobile Workers have struggled since the 1930s to achieve -- a middle-class life for union members." Is there any doubt of this?...

Foxessa reports that the New Orleans Public Library system faces difficult times: "It's happened before in many communities, that the public library becomes a playing field for the town or city's political rivalries and power struggles. But these plays have hardly ever been done so flamboyantly, with so little disguise anywhere else..."

Derrick Jackson wonders why in the world the Bush Administration thinks it's a good idea to allow concealed weapons in national parks: "This completes eight years of political cruelty to animals and a final imposition of the National Rifle Association on what is left of public serenity in America -- our shared natural sanctuaries..."

PWALLY 'fesses up... "I ran out and told Judy to get in the car and leave the scene, whispering loudly that they hadn’t heard a thing and hadn’t been sitting near the window so they didn’t see anything, either. Hurry!!" projects a 40-vote lead for Al Franken in Minnesota. Unreal. As much as I want Franken to pull this out, statistically speaking the race is a tie with no way of knowing who really got the most votes. By all accounts, Minnesota's recount process and the people administering it are first rate. No matter which candidate prevails, he will have as clean a decision as the circumstances allow...

Time Goes By thinks that the MSM passes over the real stories of the economic crisis: "What’s missing, however, are stories about how most of us – the poor, the middle class, the people who live paycheck to paycheck and one small emergency from destitution - are getting by."

A Chicagoan visits New Orleans and has a most unusual life-changing encounter. (T'anks to Da Ladda!)...

You Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept:  A Palinista worries about her dreams: 
This might seem like a strange question, but have any of you had dreams about Obama lately? I'm not suggesting that they are sexual dreams in nature; just any dreams about him?
I know a lot of people who are having various types of dreams about BO, and finally I did, too (nonsexual, I must add), so I'm wondering....
Maybe they just signal worry/concern about what BO might do as President?
Sock And Awe Dept: Click here and throw shoes to your heart's content. (Thanks, Stupid!)

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Friday's Choice: Bruce "D'Artagnan" Springsteen sings "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" with a little help from his friends:


Foxessa said...

I suffered terrible nightmares in these last 8 years that featured the members of the regime, to what they were doing to Iraq and her people, and to a lesser degree, to me personally. These included bombings from the air, rape and torture. I had three in a row of bush personally raping and torturing me. These were terrible nightmares and left me wrung out for the entire day and night afterwards.

Rachel Maddow coined immediately the term, "Plantation Caucus," for those legislative sons of the confederacy, who obviously believe workers are not to be paid for their work. These ilk just can't put that one to rest. That's why they lurrrrrrve prison labor so much too. So much that for over a century and a half they just go and arrest folks when their labor pool isn't full enough.

Love, C.

Renegade Eye said...

The demands made on auto, were not made on banks. In addition no demands to lower their salaries comparable to the unions, were made on them.

Auto is in crisis all over the world, not only the US.

The unions made concessions in 2007. If concessions are done once, it's slippery slope.

The problem with Franken and Coleman, is neither are well liked. I think the guy Franken beat in the primary, would have been a better candidate. Ventura's party got 13% of the vote.

K. said...

F, the "Plantation Caucus" monicker is both accurate and hilarious. I think it has a good chance of becoming part of the progressive vernacular.

I've never had dreams about Bush, but he's come up in therapy.

R, you're a lot closer to this than I am. I hear that the Star-Tribune projects Franken to win by less than a hundred votes. If that happens, does Coleman have any recourse? Four years ago here in Washington state, Gov. Christine Gregoire won a second recount by 133 votes after losing the general election and the first recount. But she had to pay for the second one (the first being courtesy of the taxpayers).

Washington State's process is:

General Election
If margin < .05%, automatic recount
If margin still <.05%, optional recount at requesting candidate's expense
If margin still <0.5%, election called for winner of second recount with no further recourse for the loser.

Gregoire lost the general and recount #1 but won #2 and became governor. Republicans were furious and cried fraud. John McKay, the Republican federal attorney in these parts, investigated and found no basis for fraud. (For his troubles, he became one of the fired Federal attorneys.) The R's pressed forward, lost their suit in an Eastern Washington federal court before a conservative judge, and Gregoire became governor. (The same candidate tried to beat her this year and threw everything but the kitchen sink at her, but this time she won decisively.)

All a long way of illustrating what can transpire when a recount flips the general election result.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I don't like football, but I do love that photo!!

K. said...

It's a great photo, isn't it?

You must have been left out of a lot of conversations in Ft Worth?