Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update: Pagan ritual celebrates Rudolph's demise

Blogger Helen Wheels has released a video on her blog Just Ain't Right, purportedly obtained from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), that shows leading Republicans celebrating the death of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

The Republicans, who included former presidential candidate Senator John McCain and former vice-presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin, appear as participants in a bizarre pagan ritual glorifying the success of a hunt. (Governor Palin has already taken credit for downing the fabled cervine.)

According to Ms. Wheels, the video was smuggled out at great human cost: "People died so that the public could view this disgusting rite. Whatever the danger to me personally, I owe it to those heroes to put the truth on display."

Republicans were quick to deny that the ritual -- which they called a "party" -- in any way celebrated the death of a holiday icon who brought happiness to millions of children around the world. "We're not happy that Rudolph died in a completely legal, in-season shooting by a experienced hunter who scrupulously complied with all state hunting regulations," said a spokesman who declined to be identified. "I mean, this isn't a Dick Cheney thing. Why would we celebrate a simple deer hunt when we have so much else to celebrate? Like... And... O. K., so it looks bad."


HelenWheels said...

As an animal rights activist, I could do NO less than expose these heinous Rudolph-killers. It was just a stroke of luck that I happened to have a camera stashed in that barn, otherwise the public would never have discovered the Palin Bunch's vile celebration of Rudolph's demise.

Likewise, you are to be lauded for your investigatory work, K.!

We deserve a Peabody for our undercover work, dammit!

Sylvia K said...

I love the efforts of you both!! Such luck to have that camera stashed in the barn!!! I applaud you both for your efforts to bring this despicable act to the public's attention! You, do indeed, both deserve the Peabody award! Get the word out!

Editilla said...

Rudolf? How 'bout that Mrs Claus and Jesus?
But have you ever met a repugnican who admitted to their skanky rituals of nefarious neocon nimnybobbery?

Renegade Eye said...

Holiday Greetings

That expose win a Pulitzer.