Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Early yesterday morning, three men used crowbar to break loose the deadbolt locking the front door to Premium T.'s home. Her sons were asleep. They blindfolded, bound, and gagged one of them and demanded the location of "the safe." There is no safe. They then ransacked the house -- including the crawl space -- strewing it with trash, empty drawers, sofa cushions, and unwanted goods. They took with them laptops, wallets, car keys, passports, credit cards, prescription drugs, and sentimental items the value of which to them remains unclear. All told, they occupied the house for nearly two hours. Mercifully, they harmed no one physically, but inevitably left behind a profound sense of personal invasion.

T., a sister, and a friend cleaned up the debris and reorganized the house. A neighbor came over and reinstalled new, stronger deadbolts on the front and back doors. Neighbors trooped in and out to offer their condolences. I spent most of the morning on the phone to AAA, the bank, and pharmacies. In a gesture of defiance, R. -- the son who had been restrained -- decided to keep a scheduled job interview. I drove him there. (Pssst, Odd Fellows Cafe: You can really use him.)

T. and I spent the afternoon replacing cell phones and obtaining new SIM cards. I must say that the staff at Target and T-Mobile -- like the people I talked with from the bank and AAA -- were helpful and sympathetic. (One girl at T-Mobile nearly cried when she heard the story.) When there was confusion about one of the new car keys, the locksmith sent out by AAA offered to come right back out.

The anger has yet to set in. Yesterday was about putting Humpty Dumpty back together, and the combined efforts of all involved were effective. Although three people's lives have been changed, there is at least the balm of the kindnesses of strangers, friends, family, and neighbors to ease the searing pain of home invasion and the violence of assault.

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sussah said...

I'm so glad you're all OK. sp

Roy said...

K, that's horrible! I'm glad to hear that nobody was hurt, but I imagine the scars left from such an invasion are going to be around for a while.

I saw the news about Sonia Sotomayor earlier, and from everything I've read, she's more than qualified for the spot. Rushbo's just pissed because he doesn't have a quarter the brain power, and the stupid always resent the intelligent.

John Hayes said...

Our thoughts are with you & T & her sons. That is a truly horrifying story.

Foxessa said...

I caught a glimpse of your first lines where words like blindfolded leaped out into my eyes as if they were 10 feet tall and in bold, and my heart stopped.

Thank goodness it wasn't that bad.

It was definitely bad enough.

I'm so glad it was 'only' bad enough.

Her son comes through like a hero.

Love, C.

Patrice said...

What a horrible experience!! I'm so sorry this happened to the boys - and thus to T and to you. Having once been in a store that was robbed, I understand the pain, frustration and anger.

Taking immediate action should help. I hope they catch them!

K. said...

Thanks all for your concern. Both kids are well -- they're checking in with their mother a lot and are hanging in there. The one who was tied up was remarkably calm during the entire two hours: He concentrated on listening to the intruders. He says that all of that time watching CSI came in handy!

ZenYenta said...

Oh, Lord. I didn't see this until now. What a truly horrible experience. I'm glad everyone's OK, but still.