Friday, August 6, 2010

House to 9/11 First Responders: Get Sick and Die

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I Give Up - 9/11 Responders Bill
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Check your congressperson's vote here.

The Washington state delegation voted as follows:

1. Inslee (D) Y
2. Larsen (D) Y
3. Baird (D) Y
4. Hastings (R) N
5. McMorris-Rogers (R) N
6. Dicks (D) Y
7. McDermott (D) Y
8. Reichert (R) N
9. Smith (D) Y

To his shame, former sheriff Dave Reichert put the interests of multinational corporations ahead of his brother and sister first responders. I sent him the following letter:
Please explain to me how you could under any circumstances vote against the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, especially when the funding mechanism meant closing a tax loophole that allows foreign multinational corporations from avoiding tax on income earned in the Unites States.
You spent a career as a first responder. You know what is expected of them, the risks they take, and the sacrifices they make. How could you set their interests and needs aside in favor of a corporate tax break?
I am embarrassed for you and for the 8th District. We deserve better.
Please contact your representative one way or another about this bill. Express anger to Republicans and urge Democrats to revisit the bill without the political convenience of the 2/3's procedure.


Roy said...

Both of my House reps (yeah, only 2; RI is kinda small) voted yes on this. Then again, a study that came out yesterday showed RI to be the most liberal of the 50 states, so it's no surprise.

Nice choice on the video!

Ima Wizer said...

excellent letter, K!

bayoucreole said...

Wow, my rep(Cao) was one the few republicans who voted yes. The other republicans reps here voted against.
Cao has people around here talking...he may be more than a one-timer.

K. said...

Roy: Go Little Rhodie!

Ima: Thanks!

BC: Cao is supposedly this great disappointment to the teabagger types. I don't know what they expect out of him -- the 2nd has elected liberals since the 1960s. If Cao wants to stay in office, he has to vote his district's interests and politics at least occasionally.

tnlib said...

Great letter and thanks for the list of names. I checked the TN delegation. No real surprises. Democrat Jim Cooper voted no but he alway does when it comes to money. Jack Wamp, former Republican candidate for Gov - former as of last night - didn't vote.

Anonymous said...

K. thanks I have discovered our little silver spoon weasel chris lee voting about like you'd expect him to. Time to take his little butt to the woodshed ...

T. Clear said...

John Stewart is, as always, brilliant.

Distributorcap said...

being in NYC you know what the reps voted (and being there are NO republicans from the city) ---

worse - douches like Scarborough are blaming the dems for the vote because of the rules.

this should have been a 435-0 vote - but of course the GOP will get away with it, the media always lets them get awat with it

injaynesworld said...

I gotta say, I didn't like the way the Dems played politics with this one. They should have gone with a simple majority vote. That doesn't let the Rethugs off the hook, but you just get a little tired of all the b.s. after a while, especially on a bill like this.