Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Is Our Music

Blues Connotation/5:14

Beauty Is A Rare Thing/7:12


Embraceable You/4:54
(Gershwin and Gershwin)


Humpty Dumpty/5:20

Folk Tale/4:46

Ornette Coleman/alto sax

Don Cherry/pocket trumpet
"He keeps playing in his vivid language."

Charlie Haden/double bass
"This man has an ear and feeling for music that one can't help but hear and feel when he is playing."

Ed Blackwell/drums
"This man can play rhythm so close to the tempered notes that one seems to hear them take each other's places."

Produced by Nesuhi Ertegun
Recorded July-August 1960
Released February 1961 on Atlantic

This Is Our Music is Ornette Coleman's only Atlantic release with a cover track ("Embraceable You").
About myself. I'm thirty years of age and was born in Texas -- Fort Worth to be exact. Since there isn't too much I haven't told you about my music, I really told you about myself through it. The other autobiography of my life is like everyone else's. Born, work, sad and happy and etc. We do hope you enjoy our music.

--Ornette Coleman, liner notes to This Is Our Music
All quotes from liner notes.


Roy said...

Nice! That one called up some pleasant memories. I first heard it about 15 years after it was first released. Maybe not a musical milestone in my life, but definitely a pleasant moment.

K. said...

It's a wonderful album cover -- they're so youthful and intense. Haden is only 23 and Cherry is 24 or 25.

This may be the only session for that quartet. All four are also on Free Jazz, but that was of course a "double quartet."

John Hayes said...

What a great line-up! Amazon has this as an mp3 download for $5.99!

K. said...

$5.99?! It's almost criminal to not buy it at that price! This is making me want to explore early Ornette.

I would love to know the story of how an African-American kid born in Fort Worth in 1930 came to be synonymous with free jazz. It must be one hell of a tale.

John Hayes said...

K: You're right--I'll be downloading that before the days out. Don't know much of the Coleman bio, but yes, it would be intriguing I'm sure.