Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We saw these two happily indulging in ice creams cones outside of a Westport shop. After I ascertained that their mother was nearby -- in the shop where, they assured me -- they were not allowed to go with the ice cream, I obtained permission to take their picture. The big sister hastily wiped her face clean. The t-shirt on the younger one reads "Trouble But Lovable". Indeed.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

my friend parker just turned me on to your site... and I owe him a great thanks! I actually am an old friend of your brother, albeit I haven't seen him in eons....since my texas days (and given that I moved away from texas in 1981, it's been a while)

anyhow, might fine world you have. love the photos and words. will be back for frequent nibbles I expect.

since you mentioned arlo in an earlier post, just so you know today is arlo's birthday!! motorsickle wishes to him - have a pint of guinness for him for me while your over there on the emerald isle!

K. said...

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words. You'll have to email me and tell which which brother -- I have a lot of 'em.

And I definitely owe Arlo a pint!

K. said...
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mouse (aka kimy) said...

will email later regarding which bro! off to a science cafe right now!!