Thursday, July 3, 2008

Westport Pubs (I)

My son tells me that there are 37 pubs in Westport, a town of roughly 5,000. Here are a dozen of them.


Foxessa said...

Have you checked out all these you photographed? Are the menus and ambience different or fairly similar?

Love, C

K. said...

I haven't actually been in all or even most of them. However, I have been in a few Irish pubs in my day. Menus range from no food at all to very simple to a fairly nice spread. As for the ambience, each one has its own unique atmosphere. Some -- like The Jester -- are spacious. Matt Molloy's is split up into three small rooms. I've been in a couple that are big enough for a bar and a few stools. At music pubs, there's always a corner section that is for musicians only.

Foxessa said...

It's terrific that the ambiences are all so different!

Love, C.