Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Westport Pubs (II)

We're off to Donegal for a few days. Even though Donegal is part of the Republic of Ireland, it's in the province of Ulster, along with counties Cavan and Monaghan. (Ulster's six other counties comprise Northern Ireland.) Donegal has the shortest border with the Republic along a thin strip of Sligo. It's beautiful and remote (the northernmost part of Ireland is there, in the peninsula of Inishowen); Irish remains the primary language among many of its older residents, especially the further north one penetrates. We visited the lower part last year; this summer, we're pressing up higher.

In the meantime, here are some more of Westport's 37 pubs.

Incredibly, Nolan's is closed with no sign of reopening any time soon. We suspect that the building is cursed.


Kathy said...

What is the weather like this time of year in Ireland? When we visited N. Ireland, it was late April and we needed light jackets and umbrellas. I was surprised to see palm trees when we visited, although they were shorter than the ones I'm used to.

K. said...

The weather has been...um...adventurous. Some howling winds early in the trip, some grand fine days (as they say here) as time wore on. Donegal was spectacular. Westport residents say that May and September are the best months.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say I love your Scullyesque pictures! they are brilliant.

K. said...

Now that is compliment! Thanks so much.