Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carrowholly Walk

The other day at low tide, T., my brother, and I took a walk:


Annette said...

Beautiful pictures.. I love that you are sharing these with us all.. thank you for that.

mouse (aka kimy) said...


thanks for bringing us along.

I've been loving this vicarious vacation you are providing.

oh my the sky!!

Kathy said...

Great pictures. Ireland is such a beautiful country.

Enjoy the vacation, lucky you!

Roy said...

I can definitely see why the Irish in America say they settled in New England because it was so much like home. What gorgeous scenery!

Foxessa said...

Ah. True NYC July kicked in today: humid, smoggy and 90 degrees.

Honestly? After endless weeks of dark, chill and rain, I am LOVING it! :)

Love, c.

Scrumpy said...

Are those jellyfish?

K. said...

Scrump: Those are indeed jellyfish. They wash up -- and presumably back out -- from time to time. This is a particularly big one.

Have you been to the Field Aquarium yet? It's a nice place to visit on a hot day.