Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Limericists Of The World Unite!

Sean Lysaght at stonechat has thrown down the gauntlet. Finish this limerick, inspired by the name of an Elizabethan official who served in Ireland:

An official called Lodowick Bryskett--

Have at it!...

My love, she speaks like silence...

Birds we have seen at Carrowholly:

Green finch

Oyster catcher
Irish robin
European wren
Gray heron
European gull

Green finches and sparrows by the dozen eat daily at our feeder. Oddly, the finches peacefully coexist with the sparrows but fight among themselves. Only one at a time actually perches in the feeder, fending off the challengers who otherwise glean seed from the patio...


Roy said...

Cool birds! And that European Robin is a lot smaller than our American ones. Of course, Magpies are a royal (but hilarious) pain no matter which side of the Big Pond they're on.

How long will you be in Ireland?

willow said...

Oyster catcher?! Now that's one I don't know.

K. said...

Roy: We're here until mid-August.

Willow: It was a new one on me, too. My visiting brother knew it right off the bat.

Kathy said...

Magpies! The first time I ever saw a magpie was on a trip to N. Ireland. We stayed in a B&B and I commented to our host how cute the white and black birds were, but their opinion of them was that they weren't anything more than fancy crows. I don't care, they're still cuter than the crows we have in Michigan!

PeterPan said...

You got great music at your blog, K. - Thank you for that.
By the way - are there limericists outside of ireland too?

K. said...

Thanks, Pete! I hope you check out my Just A Song side project -- you can link to it from the sidebar on the right.

The town and village name here certainly do lend themselves to limericks. Once when we were driving across the midlands, my wife and I amused ourselves by reciting an obscene limerick for every hamlet we came across!

As for limericists outside of Ireland, just ask the girl from Nantucket...