Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Five Westport Pubs

These five pubs serve the Westport quay, a waterfront of about five blocks. The Helm ("hellum") and The Quays sit at the north and south ends, while the Asgard, the Harbour Master, and the Tower (above) cluster in the center.

My neighbor Pat Fadden and his friend Mick play at the Tower on Sunday nights, performing everything from Irish trad songs and instrumentals to "Sweet Caroline." The Tower fills up at around 11 p.m. as people join together for one last pint (or two or three) before the work week begins. They join in on favorites and often take a turn themselves. It is -- as my father said of another pub -- exactly like what you think it would be like...

Yesterday, I introduced my brother to a pub owner I know:

"I'm sorry for your troubles...He laughs because he knows I speak the truth..."


Sylvia K said...

You are having a great trip -- I can tell! Always wanted to go to an Irish pub! Drink one for me!

willow said...

I was going to pick a fave, but they all look so charming.


Foxessa said...

I like anything named Asgard.

Love, C.

Scrumpy said...

Wonderful pics!