Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin Blows Up The Republican Party...Again

As everyone knows by now, the Gift That Keeps On Giving has quit her job before the first term was up. At least that's what the media say: It's hard to tell from the rambling, barely coherent "speech" she gave, festooned as it was with belabored metaphors, exclamation point, all caps, and at least one technique of emphasis hitherto unknown to the study of rhetoric ("...*((Gotta put First Things First))*...".

From beginning to end, Palin's Last Ramble inadvertently laid out one reason after another why she should not be president of the Wasilla PTA, much less of the United States.

She derided quitters, then quit.

She talked about serving the state as a "humbling responsibility," then abdicated her responsibility.

She talked about a good point guard being able to handle a full court press, then took her ball and walked off the court.

She talked about shielding her family, then used them as her excuse for resigning.

She extolled our "bold and selfless troops" who wouldn't "give up," then gave up.

She claimed to love her job and Alaska, then quoted a banal refrigerator magnet saying.

She said that her choice was to "take a stand", then retreated.

She said that she didn't want to "disappoint anyone" with her decision, then threw her supporters under the bus by resigning without warning.

She urged Alaskans to consider entering politics, then ducked out because she couldn't stand the mildest of political pressure.

She quoted Douglas MacArthur to the effect that she was advancing in another direction. She might have taken notice of another MacArthur saying: "Americans never quit"...

We'll see her again, no doubt with her own show on Fox "News"...

The right-wing blogosphere ties itself in knots rationalizing Palin's resignation as smart politics here and here.

Paul Begala vivisects the speech here. Couldn't someone, anyone -- a speechwriter, Levi Johnston, a random Alaskan -- have vetted it for idiocy? I admit that there wouldn't have been much left, but still...

Bill writes:
If you can't stand the heat of being governor of Alaska, I don't see how you can hope to convince people that you could take the heat of being President of the United States.

Her spokeswoman was on CNN this evening trying to say that she's showing great leadership because all the ethics complaints were wasting time. I don't remember FDR stepping away when the Great Depression was devastating the nation, and I don't remember Lincoln stepping away when the country was torn apart by slavery...

More pictures and reports from Ireland soon. In the meantime, Happy Birthday America!


Roy said...

I'm unable to translate Palinese, so I still have no idea why she quit.

And that speech bears a striking resemblance to her interview with Katie Couric. Senseless, incoherent rambling seems to be her forte. How in the world did she ever get elected to governor?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

brilliant juxtapositions....I knew we could count on you!

keep on enjoying ireland, like that needs to be said!


Steven said...

Thanks for laying it all out so that it could be understood. I needed that.

Annette said...

Well, actually if you really try to read and determine what she said you will lose any sane

But from what I can determine, she isn't running for re-election, but she never did say the words, I quit. She just said she was giving her duties to her Lt. Governor. She never said I am resigning.. so she may come back and say we all misunderstood and it was that darn Librul media playing tricks on us again.

Look out, this play isn't over yet.

But, I also don't think the other shoe has dropped yet either.. there are hints and speculation of, (and have been for a while) criminal indictments of her and her husband, for income tax evasion, misuse of funds and for the house she and he had built while she was mayor with supplies purchased by the city, which are the same as the ones used in the sports complex that was such a mess.

K. said...

Thanks, all. Maybe I should get a job as a Palinologist.

Annette, that sounds too good to be true. But hope springs eternal, right? (Or, as Sarah Palin might put it, "right!?"

Bill said...

The spokesperson was on CNN, not ESPN, if I said that, it was a typo >_<

Linda Pendleton said...

She was as incoherent as ever, and it gives me chills to think she ran for V.P. and wants to run for President! (or worse yet that some people want her to run for President) Something is up with her, no doubt.

K. said...

Bill: Error fixed. It was mine.

Linda: There are lots of rumors about misappropriation of funds, etc. I'm going to treat them as rumors until I have reason to do otherwise. That being said, it's not a stretch to see her as a Warren Harding figure -- personally honest, but clueless and unable to stop the graft and corruption around him.

The interesting implication for 2012 is that the nomination battle shapes up as a cut-and-dried contest between the pro-biz wing (Romney) and the social values wing (Huckabee) of the Republican party. (I can't take Giuliani seriously as a prospective candidate.)

It would be unusual for the R's to turn to a first-time presidential candidate. They did so with Bush in 2000, but as the son of a president, he was an special case. Otherwise, you have to go back to Ford (1976, another special case) and Goldwater (1964) for a nominee who had never before run.

Premium T. said...

My husband the Palinologist. Is that the same as a scientist?

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

She can make more money campaigning for elected office outside of the electoral process.
What a piece of Handmaiden's Tale.
This country is going to the Mall in a Handbasket.
Hand me a Job.
Handy Wipes leave a soul OxyClean.

Stop me please...

Renegade Eye said...

I think Palin thought Coulter gets paid more for doing nothing, why have all the responsibility?

Premium T. said...

LOL -- This does have the whiff of capitalism.