Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old/New Baby

Old/New Baby, Luke Winslow-King. On Old/New Baby, Winslow-King combines the sensibilities of contemporary songwriting with the sounds of classic New Orleans jazz. Unlike Paul Sanchez, King eschews contemporary brass band embellishments in favor of Creole waltzes, rags, and what came to be known as Dixieland. Winslow-King has plainly spent time studying and learning the genre, as the arrangements on Old/New Baby are much more than novelties: They support and extend the lyrics and melodies, creating a tightly integrated and innovative set of tunes. Moreover, Winslow-King has a gift for writing hooks, as the album overflows with hummable melodies. His soft, unobtrusive vocals seem just right for the material. At 36 minutes, the album is too short, but that's a minor critique when the time spent listening is so enjoyable.

Style rules for catching Mardi Gras beads...

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