Monday, November 16, 2009

What Health Care Reform Is Up Against

The honesty of this headline from today's Seattle Times caught my attention:

Front groups target health bill
Attempts to influence public opinio
Sponsors shrouded in secrecy

The story is here. No attempts at false objectivity by quoting "studies" or "both sides." It's simply a reporter doing his job by exposing the vicious machinations of a North Carolina law firm that declines to identify its clients, claiming that "they want the message to be the important thing." Indeed. After all, who would want to be identified with shadowy efforts to intimidate Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Olympia Snowe?


Roy said...

You know, the very people who are doing this are the ones who yelled the loudest in the '50s about the Communist Party using anonymous front groups the same way. Can you say "Hypocrites"? Feh! One can only hope that their efforts are as successful as those of the CPUSA.

Foxessa said...

This is sop for neocons since Reagan.

Love, c.