Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The doc removed the temporary splint yesterday and sent me to a hand specialist. She created a custom removable splint molded to my arm. This allows freedom of movement in my elbow, plus I can wash my hands and drive. The hand specialist also gave me a set of exercises that I'm supposed to do on the hour: make a fist, touch my thumb with each finger, and spread my fingers. It's a start.


Roy said...

It sounds like the recovery is moving right along. Good deal!

Foxessa said...

It's niiiiize to wash the hand!

Love, C.

John Hayes said...

Hang in there--it should start getting better!

Sylvia K said...

Sounds as though you're on the mend, my friend, and I'm glad! Hang in there!

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


mommapolitico said...

Kudos, K. - progress! You'll be two-handed blogin' again in no time! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, friend!

Annette said...

Progress.. sometimes small steps are what we need...That's what we have to take too... Hang in there.. I know it seems a long road but you will make it.

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