Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sheefry Pass

Yesterday being sunny and clear, we dropped plans to run errands and hit the road to Leenane through the Doolough valley, which I've written about before. Leenane means eating a sandwhich on the sea wall facing Killary Harbour while talking with a gentleman on holiday from Belfast, then taking an outdoor pint. After, we returned to Westport via the Sheefry Pass for a drink at McGing's and a terrific dinner at a new restaurant called the Pantry and Corkscrew.

The Pantry and Corkscrew, open less than two months, was a very pleasant surprise. I started with a salad of fresh pears and pecorino cheese with honey and balsamic vinegar on a bed of arugula, then moved on to a hamburger made of organic beef infused with cheese and sage and served with homemade catsup and fresh chips. Dessert was a Irish cheese plate big enough for four, a great contrast to the four slivers for $12 that I stopped ordering a long time ago in the States as the portions diminished while the price rose.

A nice place to take a pint:

Sheefry Pass:


Ima Wizer said...

Beautiful........wish I could take a pint with you there!

Roy said...

Nice, especially seeing the comparison between the shot taken unadorned and the same shot taken with the app.

BTW, that first video doesn't work for me; when I clicked the arrow the picture went black and informed me that it was a private video.

sussah said...

Hi K, I like those crepuscular rays! The scenery and sky are very beautiful, it's very enjoyable to see your photos. thanks, sp

Foxessa said...

This could almost be a pass in Appalachia, couldn't it? Except they are rather more rugged? Or can be? The music wouldn't be out of place there either, surely.

Are you seeing any overt signs of Ireland's economic crisis?

Love, C.

TaraDharma said...

how I long to see the vid - but alas I got the same message as Roy.

Darlene said...

The first video didn't work for me either. I reported it to You Tube.

The first photo is a winner. I like it better without the app.

K. said...

The video is fixed. Not sure what happened.

Foxessa: I've only seen Appalachia via photo and film. My impression is that it's less rugged but more forested.

There are many empty storefronts in Westport, although no more than last year. There are a few new businesses as well. Our neighbor says that the health care system is under terrible strain and that government workers are looking at having hours cut back even further. People are also losing homes here, which is psychologically crushing in Ireland. On the other hand, no one is hanging their head and we don't detect much anger or bitterness. Of course, the history of the country is such that they learned to roll with events a long time ago.

Darlene: I'm afraid that I have a new app to play with now!

tnlib said...

Love both videos. I'm with Darlene and also like the first photo the best.

Actually, the scenery is a little more like the foothills of the Rockies, believe it or not - but without the snow capped peaks.

K. said...

Not much snow here! You can still get post cards of the dusting Westport got a few years ago -- it was that big of a deal.

Foxessa said...

Thanks for the report, K!

Love, C.