Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Shrine security guard tells teen to stop wearing her shorts...

What's worse than taking candy from a baby? How about stealing money from a nun:

"The incident occurred on the Pontoon Road in Castlebar when the defendant asked the nun to look for his football in the back garden. When they could not find the ball, the youngster left but the nun noticed that her handbag was missing."

You'd think the kid was a Muslim or an illegal immigrant or something...


Roy said...

I gather that top image is in Geraghty's. Heh, heh! Are you pub-hopping?

I don't get your last line.

tnlib said...

"What's worse than taking candy from a baby? How about stealing money from a nun:"

Or a nun stealing books from a library. One time I was checking a nun out of a university library. She had been patiently waiting in line for me to make sure the two books she held had been checked out at circulation. When her turn came and she had to step forward, guess what dropped out from under her habit.

I hope you're having a hell of a time.l

Darlene said...

When I held a yard sale alone a woman asked for a glass of water. I foolishly went inside to get it. Guess what happened while I was gone. Yup; she stole as many items as her very large bag could hold.

It's an old ploy and this is a warning that no good deed goes unpunished.

K. said...

Roy: We may have been to one or two pubs. There 34 of them in Westport (pop. 4500). Re the last line, I meant that that's the kind of thing certain people of the Beckerhead persuasion might assume.

tnlib: Some of those nuns have bad habits indeed! I'll bet that she left the library not with a bang, but a wimple. Please tell me that the book was Lives of the Saints.

Darlene: Talk about a literal dash of cold water. You know what, though? I'd rather be trusting and have someone take advantage of it every now and then than greet everything and everyone new with suspicion.