Friday, September 3, 2010

Under His Own Vine and Fig Tree

Don't miss Hendrik Hertzberg's excellent account of the GZ community center uproar. It's the kind of reasoning that should put the "controversy" to bed once and for all, but that smug Philistines like Newt Gingrich will declaim as elitist liberalism, mainly because its inescapable logic punctures a hole in their demagoguery. Hertzberg artfully turns John McCain's own words against him, destroys the rationale of bigots like Abraham Foxman, and disarms the wild myths propagated about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (author of What's Right About Islam Is What's Right About America).

Hertzberg concludes by quoting the one American who remains, one assumes, unassailable. As George Washington put it in a letter to the Jews of Newport, RI, the United States
gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens...May the children of the stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants, while everyone shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.
The children of Abraham, as Hertzberg points out and as Washington surely knew, include Muslims as well as Jews.


Roy said...

I'm getting so tired of all the rhetoric on this. It's not a mosque and it's nowhere near "Ground Zero". And the majority of voices against it are genetically damaged, hyperventilating hillbillies who don't even live in NYC (and in fact usually use "New York" as a pejorative to express their disdain of "elites" and Jews). They don't have a say in the matter and should just STFU and attend to the overwhelming problems in their own bailiwicks.

Rant over.

Foxessa said...

Worse the constant wingnut drumbeat on their media has convinced a significant percent of NYers now that the center shouldn't be built there.

Hardly any of these people would have know it was something to discuss, even, much less have an opinion about, but for this.

This meaning, of course the righwing's way of getting at Obama and expressing their racisim. This is really about him, and not being 'right' sort of Christian, and probably a Muslim and all that to prove he isn't really the POTUS.

Not that I'm particularly pleased with Obama, and he's incapable of firing up what had been his base.

Not lookin' good for the coming elections, which this also is about.

They are so damned good at this stuff and the dems are always sitting there dazed holding the bag. They react, never set the aqenda. They haven't in decades.

Love, c.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Agreed Fox.
K, you picked the one thing that rang out for me too, from the shirt pocket of one of these gazing wallshirts in a pic I saw the other day. That one thing is their syllodomizing the memory and thoughts of George Washington, and ripping the secular skin off our other founders' non-theistic sensibilities. Grrrr.
Now I'm sure you caught Rachel Maddow fact checking Haley Babar's Southern Revisionist History of the Civil Rights Era.
Oh ho ho, Babar seems to be updating his Racebook Profile.

Great postin youz.

K. said...

The left -- by which I mean the purist, self-marginalizing left that hasn't influenced American politics since the Vietnam war -- hasn't helped Obama with his base by demanding that he raise the Titanic with his little finger and by refusing to deal with racist attacks on him.

Did you read Barbara Ehrenreich's downright pathetic piece in The Nation? First, she mocked the significance of electing a black president, then haughtily opined that the role of the left was to change the system from the bottom up. I mean, these are people who couldn't organize a piss off in a brewery.

If the left can't arouse itself to mount a sustained response to the nativism engulfing this country, then they might as well be fellow travelers with the yahoos and the scoundrels.

K. said...

As I've said, Haley is one of the faux cunnels that Mark Twain detested. The other day, I happened to see some footage of him of him preening after Katrina, about how Mississippians were self-reliant and didn't need handouts blah blah barf. I nearly choked. Mississippi gets the same amount of federal aid as Louisiana, spends it on everything but relief for Katrina victims, and he says that stuff without a trace of cynicism. The contempt these guys have for their own constituents knows no bounds.

tnlib said...

"If the left can't arouse itself to mount a sustained response to the nativism engulfing this country, then they might as well be fellow travelers with the yahoos and the scoundrels."


Anonymous said...

Yeah K I think the air there is working its magic on you. Is it multi tasking to travel the old sod drinking pints and incinerate Newtism with your free hand ? I will have to check Ehrenreich's piece I loved nickel and dimed but thought bait and switch was a simple exercise that no publisher would have touched if anyone else did it. Isn't it exponentially ironic that these two twits, whores of corporatism that they are have the cheek to spout off about elites when they are out shilling to keep tax cuts in place for the top 2% of the real elite.

K. said...

I was actually embarrassed for Ehrenreich when I read her piece. Another lefty who used to be great but who now seems tired and bitter is William Greider.